We wrote an original Hallmark Christmas movie (YIAY #528)


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    1. China McRich

      2:34 - 3:24 how did that work so well

    2. 「Drake's Trash Content」

      A bruh moment

    3. Lancaster Responding

      The “poggers bro” broke me

    4. Moira Simone Camomot

      This feels like what Roleplaying is like-

    5. radicallycoolbeans

      im surprised this isnt just one huge AI generated christmas story

    6. BinaryCode

      I’m hearing a ringing noise and I’m listening to his sponsor, this probably mean my brain thinks it’s a white noise

    7. isntabelle

      no cos my mum has probably watched every single one

    8. Pixwool

      I know where all the black characters go, they leave because they realise they’re in a hallmark movie.

    9. Ethan J Sands

      I've worked on these and this is extremely accurate

    10. HSP0PD


    11. Round boi Productions

      You forgot that one old dude in the beginning of the movie who says something really fucking Criptic and then HOLY SHIT ITS SANTA

    12. Unknown And unneeded

      What even is the point of hallmark movies

    13. Joanna Medina

      Take a shot every time he says "christmas"

    14. mastrblastr8

      hey thats cool, but i cant get over blovidia

    15. UnknownTraveler

      Thank you so much for uploading 500 yiay episodes. Ok imma watch em all now bye.

    16. Sharkie

      Has anyone ever called your badonk a Jackass?

    17. kyle kyle

      have his eyes been getting bigger over the years?

    18. The Eye of The Alchemist

      I think I'd personally kill a writer if they chose to make a character say 'Santa's real and he's hot too'.

    19. scoopishere

      I read "sipping a hot cocoa." as "slipping into a coma."

    20. Husky Cool


    21. Wolflee66

      4:01 why did this make me laugh more then the actual video?

    22. Mr. P: Brawl Stars & More!

      “Christmas is the most poggers time of the year” -* luna | Memento Mori

    23. aebrooksyahoocom

      Dead ass my grandma is so obsessed with Hallmark she bought herself Hallmark sock and a giant blanket that says “This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching blanket” and it has a picture of the old timey red truck with a Christmas tree in the back (you know the one).

    24. aebrooksyahoocom

      I’m sorry none of these had Danica McKellar, Candace Cameron Bure, or Lacey Chabert. It’s not a real Hallmark Christmas movie.

    25. aebrooksyahoocom

      I hate this I hate this I hate this. I live with my grandma and All We Do is WATCH HALLMARK ALL DAY EVERYDAY! FUCK! This video was TrIgGeRiNg ahhhhh!! They’re ALL THE SAME!

    26. Mikki McDonald

      4:03 almost made me choke on a lifesaver

    27. Annie S

      4:43 the YIAY app????

    28. Blaam Bliim

      YIAY is that one show where you watch the entire video

    29. FirePizza

      Please animate this

    30. Adam Wooton

      i very much enjoyed this audible acronym

    31. William Richardson

      Hey if you guys ever check out "The Christmas Box", Chris is played by my uncle.

    32. cojack

      Ah yes, my favorite show. LMIAY

    33. MagneticAesthetic

      hi bleeding im dad

    34. Wafflez03

      the Life Day part killed me and im glad he finished the video after that because there's no topping that

    35. August Ericson

      Cool no YIAY 529

    36. itsghiffari1203

      Hey Jacksfilms, Where's The New YIAY Episode??? And Also I Hate "Audible Stands For" Part, I Don't Like It.

    37. Roblox Boi

      Do a New Years song

    38. monster energy can

      ...was that a john mulaney refrence

    39. Me Mes

      some of these things are like teeth but different in a way

    40. Craig Berkowitz

      Well Jack, where's #529?

    41. Cello Strings

      I feel like I’ve seen this

    42. N.A.R. animation

      #YIAY Please fix my name

    43. DragonZWrong

      Yesterday -one month ago

    44. ashland plays


    45. TheAdvertisement

      2:38 I've got a feeling there was more to that comment...

    46. fun dude

      Shut up intern 2

    47. Amir Zand

      i only want jack to be sponsored by audible because of the acronyms

    48. Unlicensed Paramedic

      I texted "Jackass" to 500500. I don't know why I got blocked.

    49. Safari Boo 42

      The Easter Chritsmas Jesus Day Borthday j it's so darkBIrthday Jemsus Christmas Princess Birthday Christ Jemubss hristmas i Christm i just want freedomAPPY NEW YERE

    50. Wendy Loves Stocking

      This was so Interestingly generic that I just wrote down the entire story from this video word for word (except for few of them) on google docs. Proof: docs.google.com/document/d/1ZhemmQ8zG43EkARvJhix0w4xaURiTQmBQgJ5symQ1gk/edit (it’s no scam, don’t worry!)

    51. Connor Thompson

      "An original Hallmark Christmas movie" Oxymoron, Hallmark Christmas movies aren't original.

    52. Emma McBride

      Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas 2: The Christmasing

    53. Emma McBride

      How did this actually be readable? My grammar sucks. But theirs wasn’t! I’m gonna stop now....

    54. ash reiss

      i want more erin she is better than you jack

    55. Harvey Da Lates


    56. Vwat Dvoing

      AUDIBLE stands for: A. U. Dad, I'm Bleeding. L. E.

    57. Snom Nom Nom

      the terrifying fact is how accurate this is to every hallmark movie

    58. Mzu5000 Mzu

      You call that a gay christmas movie ..... shame on you 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    59. Mzu5000 Mzu

      Not gay enough....

    60. Shini

      Directed by Vanessa Hudgeens

    61. mohammad shadi

      All I want for Christmas is oh shit 5 years late

    62. MegaGermanShepherds

      Yes! Jar Jar Binks was added!

    63. bellakittylover 31

      *D a d ,* *I ' m* *B l e e d i n g*

    64. Ethan Learn

      Fix D.C's flag. #YIAYflag

    65. LizTheRipper

      A lightswitch

      1. GiantIvan


    66. Master of memes Yeet

      Can you please animate this

    67. Naana Gyasi

      merry hunkmas

    68. Enderman

      "Yesterday" i asked you.

    69. recap-robot

      there's no way there isn't already a hallmark movie called "my christmas valentine"

    70. J-Man

      If this doesn’t get animated then there is no god

    71. JacobDaTrtle

      Omg I did it. I finished all the yiays!

    72. Jade Of All Trades

      I would watch this.

    73. BiTrashBin

      Can someone animate this?

    74. Christiaan

      You should do a project where you actually make a short movie where the comments decide the script and what happens

    75. man manastan

      I stopped watching yiay at around #150 5 years ago. I have come back today and its still going on. Maybe sometimes in life, good things don't always have to end. thank you jack, for making life feel a little bit less like traaaaaash

      1. The Archer Of Infamy

        It's kinda turned into "AFWAIAY" at this point (A Few Weeks Ago I Asked You) cause goddamn

    76. TroubleDouble

      Hallmark Christmas: A jory #yiaytitle (Jackstory)

    77. Cormac O'Keeffe

      The continuity department got fired 5 minutes in.

    78. himynameisoliver

      Oh yeah I saw that.

    79. Angel

      Wait, did she marry the random prince, the hunkilicious hunk, and her fiancé from the big city? Because I support.

    80. Yesimsureieneteredmynamecorrectlynowshutupstupidyt

      Title it:the Christmas princess wish

    81. Owyn Papajanis

      Bumhole Gunner: Gunning All The Way irvision.info/home/ZXa6c6lnqct8ncY/fy-lm-h-y.html

    82. Owyn Papajanis

      Mingle All The Way Oh, Wait

    83. Maria Falk

      They kiss outside where there’s snow on the ground and leaves on trees

    84. William

      "and than Rick Astley walks in and Rick Rolls Paul" "all that's good till he rolls the ball" "he got that ball from the mall" "and after that he's gonna call" "little does he knows he does a little fall" "finally he ends it all"

    85. Sassy Comrade

      Okay but this Christmas story need a full length movie made out of it.

    86. FirstTime ISawJupiter

      I need a sweater with "Big Fat Christmas Bitch" on the front and back

    87. Rosa

      Okay but. You are gonna make an actual short film out of this, right?

    88. Shy guy E

      CRISTMAS in December 25 : little town poggers

    89. duo

      Okay wait. So you're telling me, this isn't A Christmas Prince 1,2, AND 3? Lies.

    90. GAME & RODO

      Aw yes, the most christmas thing ever: White people cheating!!

    91. Walter Ruiz

      "I post new questions very frequently" Oh no Jack it's been two weeks you jinxed it once again.

    92. Syed Muhammad Salaahuddeen


    93. ThrowingMugs

      I hate how he said to subscribe and hit the bell

    94. gacha mika exists

      Oops i cheated on many

    95. 「*。あlふぁ尾 。*」

      Hey when’s this coming out I wanna watch

    96. BluPeps

      "The Christmas Movie 4: The Divorce"

    97. Ryan Langley

      A Poggers Christmas Tale (A Hallmark Special)

    98. H Up

      This video was sponsored by Christmas.

    99. Macaroni and Cliches

      damn that prince coming in with the last-second steal

    100. Antimation

      wow they're still telling you to use jackasks huh