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    Do you think you’re a movie buff? Join the all-star players in describing their best wrong movie quotes and fave sequels. This episode features Jon Cozart, Comment Etiquette, and the fabulous Mayhem Miller.

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    1. Allan Partridge

      mayham playing seriously? cringe

    2. opiënti, or MegaGardevoir709

      my answer for "spoil a movie in just 4 words": his mother is dead

    3. opiënti, or MegaGardevoir709

      "RuPaul's Drag Race; Get Season 13 on IRvision" yeah, this is definitely rupaul's drag race

    4. A. Aziz

      Jon, your smile lights up the room. Love ya' buddy. 😊

    5. Pixwool

      Kinda disappointed there’s no chug jug

    6. Yadse wn Dé

      Jon's a beautiful man

    7. Photo BeeYT

      Australians will think this is an April fools joke If you live in australia you will understand me

    8. J.P

      All you got to get rid of is the poop emoji and the show is completely cringe free, glad to see yiay time do a full turn around

    9. Noah Pittman

      Its amazing how editing can change so much

    10. LOADING

      Spoil a movie in 4 words: Tony Stark fuccin dies

    11. sheets

      The editing is MUCH better on this one! It's refreshing to see a creator actually act on constructive criticism. This wasn't physically painful to watch like the pilot, but I feel like the audience (which from what I can tell, is a paid/IRvision pre-approved general audience?) just doesn't work here. Some of the funnier answers flopped for some reason. It's great to see a variety of people on the show too, but I agree that either contestants should probably have some comedy talent/experience OR the game be points-based instead so no one's eliminated first round and has no chance to redeem themselves, just sitting there awkwardly the rest of the time. I know this is all pre-filmed already so you can't change that much, but if there's a "season 2" or any future filming of this, I hope this is considered.

    12. ISeeYouSleep, Dad

      This is a lot better

    13. Sarah T

      I love drag race and I love Mayhem but why the hell is she here?

    14. Amanda Ramos

      mayhem looks so lost

    15. Justin Bouffard

      Normal yiay is still five times funnier

    16. anythingifeellike

      11:09 there can only be one john

    17. Frank

      Hello john

    18. Stop Motion Samurai


    19. Terrain

      4:59 what do you mean? any length of text fit in a !


      This is soooooooooo fucking boriiiiiiing....... The whole point of YIAY was the snappy and edgy responses. You took a funny show (that was already getting stale) and turned it into a daytime gameshow..... Says a lot that a guy with 4.6 MILLION subs gets 240k views on a video after 2 weeks. It doesn't work, let it go. Not everything will be a hit.

      1. Sima Nolastname

        Prolly under contractual obligations lol

    21. I dunno Haah

      spoil a movie in four words: the dark knight returns: bat dude comes back its in the title

    22. hihawaii2

      Wow this was crazy funny!

    23. Ordinary Otto

      I actually unironically want a Chef sequel lol

    24. Azaram 813

      1/10 no slide whistles

    25. Robleg

      Who is this Jen Zee they are talking about

    26. SMF64


    27. Richard Pizzario

      I thought Mayhem miller was an mma fighter from that mtv show lol

    28. cli260

      Thank you john, now i have to meet my future wife, marry her and get kids just to watch your show. I hope you're still up with this for the next 3-9 years

    29. Raijenos

      Disliking because chef didn't win

    30. Fern

      Omg mayhem miller!!!

    31. Dominic Lombardi

      The fact that IRvision forced a contestant from Ru Paul’s Drag Race who probably has no idea who Jack is onto Jack’s show is so cringe but at least the actual show is better this time.

    32. Peter Gregson

      Not this shit agian

    33. EshamPlayz

      hahahaha the losers were funnyy

    34. Ankush Kumar

      Avatar beats endgame # beatendgame

    35. Badger DragonInc.

      1st answer: The Inconvenient Truth

    36. Z C


    37. Umph

      Hi my name is church man head careful this is a great buddy

      1. Umph

        Why is youtube deleting my comment to go sub to erik. He's been stuck at 990k for a year. And chef was the right answer. Edit: Oh okay as long as I make it complete gibberish IRvision will take it. Great job. Googlety gooble gabble floofy duck you robots fibroid bud do see xi no no de do b bdo j be to gf it is today Go sub to internet comment etiquette

    38. Jayden Spooner


    39. Ooga Booga guy


    40. Dave unbelievable

      i came here to dislike it

    41. Derin Yurdakul

      this seems scripted

    42. MOTIVATION Intensifies


    43. woodfur00

      This is good! Can't wait to see more!

    44. Pelican74

      4 mil subs and can even get 250k views. Should tell you something jack

      1. Mn M

        That his videos are long lasting and so take time to get close to the total views.

    45. Pelican74

      This still sucks

    46. Jacobli


    47. Just Another Dood

      Rigged, "chef" didn't achieve an instant win, the cloud people are out to get Erik.

    48. Xanthe

      Zack Snyder Yiay Time Remake

    49. B.o.P.

      God we need to get YIAY Live back. Jack is so restrained in this format.

    50. James Falconer

      This gives me huge Jackbox vibes and I love it!

    51. Lizard813

      I was there for the filming of this! It was cool, but still sad they didn't show one of my comments

    52. johnjoxx

      I appreciate the effort, but I miss the slide whistle. And it needs more cowbell.

    53. Dustin King

      I enjoy both, lets bring in more slide whistle

    54. Reel Of Cubes

      How is this any different from yiay live?

    55. Drakinite

      Much nicer! The only thing I feel that it's missing is time transitions. I'd prefer if there was some sort of screen wipe transition, or at least a half-second pause, during a cut where a lot of time passed. It's not a big issue, again this is still kinda enjoyable to watch!

    56. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

      I'm just here for Big Money tbh

    57. Ábel Nagy

      Sure it's better than it was. It still ain't something I'd watch. I don't feel like ot belongs to this channel. I don't feel like anyone is going to go "Hey I wanna watch something with my whole family. Let me go to Jeckfilms' channel amd see if he's got a new episode of YIAY Time."

    58. Marcus

      I think the fact, that this has less views than the announcement, tells you everything about this format

    59. Kernel Panic

      Hmm, this was vastly better but I still really don't like the pacing when Jack speaks. It's like he's reading from a teleprompter that's going way too slow and it sounds very unnatural. Other than that, it's pretty good, but I wouldn't watch this series.

    60. Jake plays Games

      This is genuinely good, I couldn’t sit through episode 1

    61. GenuinePie

      Honestly though, "Chef" is the best answer O_o

    62. Rowan Lindsay

      this is better but it's still not good

    63. n8tie

      Lord of the rings 3 2

    64. Mntdewmania

      Nailed it!!!!!!!!!

    65. אור פאר

      how chef didnt win it was super funny

    66. Naj Renchelf

      5:12 - because we’ve spent too much time with Jack, Jon! Well, actually... wasn’t too much since we enjoyed it - but that’s besides the point!

    67. Noyz Productions

      mayhem looks deepfaked

    68. Valentín

      It's your host: jackfilm

    69. Mink Monk

      Best with what he could. The edits and graphics are already baked into the episodes so he couldn't change them and some were done live (Poop graphics and the booing sound), but everything else works better. The pacing is definitely much better than before. It's probably not as good as it truly can be, but it is so much better than the pilot episode. Thank you for fixing it.

    70. Jaiidenx

      Much, much better but still sounds like this is in slow motion

    71. リエステル

      Have you seen Chef?

    72. Kakure Productions

      Incredibly awkward, almost unwatchable

    73. 2210rafa


    74. Sweetie Cartoons


    75. Upsidown

      Goddamn it IRvision where are the mother frickin' slide whistles?

    76. hi_hello_hey

      0/10 no slide whistle I want my money back

    77. Vitor Cabo

      Wow, that was actually good

    78. TheBrcylmz


    79. OilAuditor

      And remember, *don't* vote in the comments.

    80. rishi l

      better, not perfect

    81. weirdenned

      Y'all I HAVE QUESTION! If you had 4 words to say to the entire world, what would they be?

    82. Humanoid

      Nice one, this is a lot better, last one didn’t feel like jacksfilms but this did so thats good :)

    83. Jacob Hill

      Have a slide whistle funeral in the next episode. When the coffin lowers: whoooooooup

    84. Khaled Mohammed

      fix the Saudi Arabian flag

    85. Jjacob8600

      "rU pAuL dRaG rAcE"

    86. David McCarthy

      In the original the first thing I thought was "that's not genuine jack".

    87. Lyndina

      Mayhem Miller is an icon. Periodt.

      1. Lyndina

        @Vegetable Yeah they're great. I saw them on drag race first, but now they've been on IRvision more often.

      2. Vegetable

        Didn’t know who he was until now

    88. Zion K

      Im pissed its not 4:3, black and white or have the tik tok loop of chug jug dislike

    89. nishat


    90. DandierC / Dontb3Dum

      I love Yiay Time

    91. GetOutOfMyHeadDad

      Not enough slide whistles

    92. NinjaPixie

      this still doesn't feel like jack. all that happened is that you took out the whistles, nothing else.

    93. Alex Rosenberger

      You made it worse

    94. Tuvya Maeir

      Better but...still really, really awkward.

    95. yiasminathefangirl

      Mayhem honey blink twice if you’re being held hostage💀 jk jk I love Jack😂

    96. Bruce lee1947

      Eh. It's alright. Definitely better

    97. butters

      give me the slide whistles back

    98. homie the third

      C H E F

    99. homie the third

      boomers: BaCK iN MY Day we did not cause an apoclypse

    100. Japanese beaver

      Wow just wow