I made a cursed talk show and it was hell


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    1. michaelflash123's stuff


    2. maggotbreath

      the random 2nd jack that shows up sometimes is so funny to me

    3. Pewien Idiota

      More niay pls

    4. CreenelMC

      whats the connect 4 website

    5. lúshsky

      4:08 oh no! jack is showing his true form!

    6. Carleto Games

      Well, if the thumbnail says I'm in this video, then I'll sue you for using my image without authorization, unless you gimme your PS5.

    7. FiercePanda

      I can tell this is HEAVILY inspired by The Eric Andre show

    8. Foot Dragon


    9. Random Ass Pirate

      This was kinda fun

    10. Random Ass Pirate

      Fun fact: Both erin and Jack are cancer.)The sunsign(

    11. Helder Pelegrino

      I love charlie

    12. Helder Pelegrino

      How did i miss this

    13. TheAdvertisement

      3:45 Tik-Tok has not surpassed Vine and I am personally offended by that.

    14. Just Some Guy with a Thicc Mustache

      the gunshot in Jack’s forehead while the girl was talking about TikTok was extremely relatable

    15. Meshach

      So this is Jacks version of the syder cut but for his show

    16. Timothy d'Entremont

      Just wanted to let you know I passed on watching this video for some reason, finally watching it and love it. I think it's the title. The title of the video doesn't do it justice. This is on some levels as good as a YAIY video on some levels it's new and refreshing so a bit better. Please come up with a new title that focuses on the fact that it has viewers responding in real-time live because that's what makes this a gem.

    17. bumblebee

      So is this the good version of yiay time

    18. Liam Kennedy

      This is now my favorite jacksfilms video, i hope we get a whole series of niay

    19. Ariel

      I literally went back thru ur whole channel trying to figure out why u look so good without the beard now than a couple years ago. And I figured out, congrats and merry new life to a Jack without awful side burns!!!

    20. Mushroom Gaming


    21. MalayPlay

      Among bust

    22. Eyes of L

      ShUt uP

    23. adrien boudreau


    24. Adam Nassor Official

      "Nearly unbeatable AI" beaten by a drunk guy who lost to his wife who stacked four pieces in a row 🤣

    25. Sandwich

      I’m here for the WTF blanket song.

    26. Starboy Momota

      me seeing my twitch username @ 8:32 THERE I AM GARY THERE I AM

    27. H

      one guy in the chat did actually say cancers rule tho

    28. dumb name

      The end is NIAY, the end is NIAY.

    29. Uzair Adnan

      When I read the title, I underestimated just how cursed this would be. EDIT: I watched the first 4 minutes at 0.75x for some reason. Definitely made it more cursed so I definitely thought Jackjohn did it on purpose

    30. fArtist

      he finally learned to put ads in the middle of the video not at the end.

    31. Qumphie

      lol erin doxxed herself

    32. albert mooney

      cryptocurrency is the money big foot uses.

    33. Emo Peter Parker

      what the hell am i watching

    34. Bob

      I found the Among Bust thing too funny

    35. Ashtony

      10000000000000000 more episodes please

    36. bi0waste

      2:40 i was so sure he was gonna say "the beatles" bro

    37. DaSpammer58

      This is like one of those “out of context” compilations but there was never any context in the first place

    38. KelpTheGreat

      One and a half minutes in: "wait, he shaved. WAIT... Jack SHAVED??" O_o

    39. David Warms

      No way!! Is this the fixed show!! Wait what

    40. Robert McKim Thomas

      The only thing I remember that was fun to watch was when Erin killed you in connect 4. Laughed so hard when I realized what had happened.

    41. Grant Jacobson


    42. Gex

      I feel like people forget that tik tok used to be musically

    43. bishcopt

      oh so now you're “random"...

    44. Herpy derp

      Part 2 part 2 part 2

    45. Tucz Comics

      RIP jacks beard

    46. ごめんなさい

      Guys, whatever you do, please dont give John the idea to make a show called "NYA" that stands for "Now You Ask!" Its not worth it

    47. Vunga

      nimay? niaay?

    48. Roleplay Host

      haha... nya-i...

    49. Mattias

      Are we all just not talking about how jack shaved, honestly I don't know how to feel

    50. Joe Castle

      this is the best possible version of this concept you could've come up with

    51. alexiarosalia

      this was hilarious i cant LMAO

    52. Lionkingview

      Ok so obviously Jack was in an accident and received a blood transfusion from Eric Andre and thats how this came into existence. Edit: I should've waited with this comment

    53. memes Universal

      This show is amazing

    54. TheAwkwardDrummer

      Now this is art

    55. MrFernet07

      This was absolutely blursed

    56. Martin Dariush R. Hansen

      watafa did i just watch o__O

    57. Diana Anaid

      Better depressed nihilism than hell. The worst defines the best and the best defines the worst.

    58. SouperPie

      i don't know what's going on

    59. aliens exist

      budget eric andre

    60. smoothblink

      Eric Andre is on twitch now

      1. smoothblink

        oh fucc i hadn't got to the erin bit yet

    61. MrMiguel

      So this is no longer a IRvision Original?

    62. BRUH

      What a beatiful show.I hope they will invite Jack Black

    63. Harpastan Man

      That was uhh... something alright.

    64. Scam One

      this is great

    65. Ogie Rogelio ll

      this is so bizarre but i love it

    66. Telangninja!

      Mansion: Not at all cursed Valentine's Day Generator: Kind of cursed Minecraft/CraftMeister video: Pretty Damn Cursed This video: It's in the damn title

    67. Gentelmanly Porpoise

      This is good content

    68. Zane Vandivere

      Jack is finally dethroned from connect4

    69. lay lover

      Why were none of the guests reacting to the edits lmao

    70. I Zzuh

      I love the eric andre vibe

    71. Big taste Big boy


    72. FrazzleSticks

      Uh oh beard is gone better get rid of it in your profile picture

    73. Jordan Smith

      Man this is still bad

    74. Nellie Rose

      He says this isn't edited, but he's lying. I watched this live on Twitch. Mom walked in on me an hour later asking why I was just staring at static on my laptop. (if u read dis, u WILL DIE in 7 dayz UNLESS u liek & share)

    75. emily gross


    76. Yadse wn Dé

      Leaving in the fans plug was really nice

    77. TM87

      I don't think they ever got rid of the triple cheeseburger... :(

    78. Dastric Pastrificus

      This is hilarious Jack lmaoo

    79. Oisín Murphy

      lm too fucking high ahhhhh(dats me yellin)

    80. xxxCrackerJack501xxx

      Now THIS is what youtube should have sponsored, I legit love this and want more

    81. Justin

      I like it

    82. Vivian Lee

      You need to go on the frienimies podcast to squash beef with trisha

    83. Takecarayourself

      too many whites

    84. Rooby

      this is just a budgetless version of the eric andre show

    85. Remi

      Why does this have less views than other videos? This is hilarious

    86. Spark Storm

      much better

    87. trolhulk1234 yeet


      1. itsghiffari1203

        Didn't Work On IRvision.

    88. Jasper The pail

      very clearly watered down Eric anger show, its intense

      1. Jasper The pail

        wow the wife broke the reference

    89. Rares Mihai

      I hate the fact that even tho Jacksfilms is making content better than ever he is still losing subs. I'm dissapointed in the youtube community.

    90. Baine Anima

      Love freaking people out with my high pitched voices like that last guy. They never see it coming.

    91. Twiper

      Why has Jack lost 40,000 subscribers?

      1. Twiper

        @itsghiffari1203 what?

      2. itsghiffari1203

        Because Jacksfilma Is A Liar.

    92. Avgust

      Teenage girl that makes Instagram art and likes Tom Holland Where have I seen that before?

    93. kubolqe


    94. kubolqe


    95. kubolqe


    96. kubolqe


    97. emmapeelible


    98. Megatón


    99. Nofro

      Trying to be a virtual Eric Andre. Doesn’t work cuz you’re too wholesome

    100. Redbeat

      i love the eric andre influence