Let’s Draw Pt. 2 | YIAY TIME


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    Because drawing is FUN! Get ready to judge and heckle the works of art from this all-star cast. From their worst nightmares to ideal partner, get ready for some marker magic. This episode features IRvision creators Simplyteee, Gus Johnson, and Michael Stevens.

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    1. First Name Last name

      *slide whistle twerking*

    2. tara gonyea

      I am glad the goat won

    3. اباتراب علي زامل

      I'm not getting any notifs whatsoever. Such a bazzinger of an epie anyways.

    4. Lennie Taclof

      I'd like to see you in Indian Bollywood high hair type hairdo, and use the accent too.

    5. Vision

      Someone thought these were good. lol

    6. Hard Ahmet

      I was expecting jack to draw garfield when the question was the love of your life

    7. Superangelo 64

      the best so far

    8. Pixelxy8 Videos

      Not enough slide whistles

    9. Sam Hazen

      John Patrick 'jack films douglass' Douglass

    10. 2210rafa

      It was funny but omg I hate the audience's choices

    11. Murat

      Who is douglas and what did he do to films

    12. light

      Let's all be honest, we saw Micheal in the thumbnail and clicked on the video

    13. ricardo ramirez


    14. Keiran

      Just the youtube originals made me laugh lmao

    15. RELTlH ק

      Wow, he copied YIAY from Pewdiepie’s “LWIAY”

    16. Canter1Ter

      Today he's Gus Johnson. Tomorrow he's an artist

    17. 1 d

      I normally don’t like this but I just watched for Michael from Vsauce.

    18. Teddy Carns

      me me big not cringe

    19. Bleak Furball

      It truly is sad that Jack doesn't call this Jackbox

    20. Darko’s Eye11


    21. franekplanet pl

      6:39 Tina just straight up copied from Spies in Disguise (Blue Sky Studios).

    22. MommyOfMutants

      I’m so out of touch - what was the meme that Gus was referencing with his Dream answer? Thanks :)

    23. Hgg

      That blue border be fucking me up

    24. Sexy Vegan

      2/10 needs more slide whistle

    25. Wrong way to Paradise

      6:20 bro those some freaky ass floating eyebrows

    26. theotherleonaygirl

      Two MASSIVE IRvisionrs and... who is she exactly? Lol

    27. CherryTomatoVEVO

      "Welcome back to YIAY TIME! THE-gAmeSHoW"

    28. Stella

      Sorry Jack but this show just isn't that funny.. in my opinion..

    29. sheets

      Easily the best one yet. Everyone was funny in their own way, but gotta state the obvious that Gus totally killed it.

    30. Jordan Lutz

      So who's idea was it to have Tina on here? No hate, just really obvious that she is the odd one out. The sub counts of everyone's channels kind of paints a picture.

    31. ProNS_Gaming

      6:49 she stole that straight out of that spy movie with tom holland and will smith

    32. ProNS_Gaming

      "That's why i gave you a little plate of poop that you're eating so that they know it's you"

    33. Dogac Toklu

      I don't mean to be non-constructive but the very first sentence, not even 3 seconds in, had a jumpcut in it. I'm thinking either; A. They removed something Jack said that they didn't like, or B. Jack couldn't get it right on the first take but didn't get any other ones. Either way, immediate problems with production quality. Not very bright lookin'.

    34. Sonia Myers

      6:20 They gave Gus fake eyebrows

    35. CEO OF SWAG

      Okay john

    36. CEO OF SWAG

      Yay vsauce

    37. Jacob Boyd

      Honestly love this

    38. Regular, Non Threatening - Berries

      Micheal is there :)

    39. Chickenphat

      16:38 MICHEAL I know that it used to be called Dong and you changed it for that one video about memory. I didn’t forget! I’m not insane!

    40. Amanda Ramos

      this is the best one

    41. snakey

      This is the Snyder cut of IRvision videos

    42. angelcar

      How do you get in

    43. Peanut Spring 3

      honestly, Jacks "Bond" tool was probably the worst. I think he should have one of those punchy gloves that are spring activated.

    44. August Moore

      Tina stole her gadget from funny Will Smith movie, Spies in Disguise. this is an outrage.

    45. Barry Burton

      PLEASE! holla back boi! Wait is that even possible??

    46. Barry Burton

      PLEASE! holla back boi! Wait is that even possible??

    47. Elliott Hammer

      10:45 michael vsauce comes out as pansexual?????

    48. Gonderwel

      Did you know that Jacksfilms real name is actually John?

    49. Isaak Askenaze


    50. JGaming

      See I don't know. I feel like after seeing the very first one really ruined I don't think I want to watch any of the other ones.

    51. Still Cousins VOVA

      6:19 gus has some good ass eyebrows

    52. Arko

      Slide whistle

    53. Ryley Samson

      My answer to the warm up question: bigger forehead

    54. Blukester

      Ah yes Gus, Vsauce and the other person

    55. DanJD

      “welcome to yiaytime- the gameshow.”

    56. Chr1stopherThrobbin

      Yeah...this is still kinda lame.

    57. MmmMm sNiCKeRS

      Gubs jonshon :)

    58. kyle liner

      i'm loving these now

    59. Ryan Broady

      Tina dressed as Dwight at the end had me dead

    60. Nathan Boehm

      The-game show

    61. Joey koala

      6:20 gus's eyebrows on his hat

    62. FellianTheDragon

      How did the cat vid gadget lose to a watch

    63. RaymondJ2195

      The drawing ones are easily the worst. It's not anonymous who drew the answers either making the voting rigged

    64. Enter Name


    65. Tommy Young

      okay, this episode is funny.

    66. typingbacon

      wow, jack sold out hard

    67. Electroshock Therapy for the Soul

      For Season 2, you need to complete the holy trinity and get Sven Johnson on board!

    68. 閉じるClose

      Aww man i missed it again

    69. Yahli Hoop

      Gus won every single one except the last and michael was secind to last everytime so Gus is the winner for me

    70. Imperator Salt

      Bond girl age meter should be given to all Hollywood celebs

    71. Daniel Lengyel

      Most points should win, elimination doesn't really makes sense in this game.

    72. Galacticboy2009

      Why on earth does Gus look like that! Did Serena put foundation all over his face?

    73. Adam Trosen_boi420

      Who are these unnamed basic names

    74. Matthew Munro

      Jack absolutely should have lost that gadget round, and he was for most of that.

    75. PinguDaCutie

      My dream partner; Orange Stripey Hates mondays

    76. KeevanGoliath

      I have to say it... I was distracted the entire time by Gus looking like a young Dr. Phil. I couldn't unsee it.

    77. John Hammond

      Gus is a simp

    78. John Hammond

      Every day without a slide whistle is another day of despair

    79. Parzival

      I still can’t begin to comprehend why they have to cut the intro so it sounds like he’s saying the title of the show. Why didn’t he just... say the title of the show. What are you hiding, John?

    80. Theaski

      Oh crap, I dropped my salt! Lucky I found some more in this comment section :D

    81. Alex's Random Stuff

      Petition to get all IRvision animators (minus Jaden animations because she was on the last one) onto a draw time part three:

    82. Superman

      We are lucky that Gus got into art school and not rejected from it.

    83. HakaseSensei

      If Gus drew the kid, he would've probably won

    84. AshyMuted

      "Welcome to YIAY Time the game show"

    85. Hudzun

      they removed the exclamation point from the title. he's losing his enthusiasm.

    86. SonicJedi12

      Welcome back to YIAY time, the Game show

    87. Sin Zones

      holy shit they actually brought a comedian on

    88. EggoUwU

      4 Episodes in already repeating content

    89. Buttah Dawg

      So you immediately didn’t fix this pile of dog shit.

      1. Mat

        "Comments on this channel: 37"

    90. River

      Jack’s looks like the Sketch Artist drawing from that meme

    91. Jenifer Joseph

      I just think the fact that Jack and Gus are wearing the same salmon pink is cute.

    92. 自己嫌悪カークラブ

      Way too corporate. There's no fucking hiding it. It's so obvious how bleached it is

    93. Smiley

      i'll be honest even after your changes the show just doesnt feel like you.

    94. El Cazador

      "Welcome to Yiay Time the- game show"

    95. Feeling Nice

      This could've been a perfect episode but they had to add this "tina" person and now it's just a regular episode... Which is not good.

    96. overcast

      3 dogs on a couch was actually an apology video

    97. Sofie Sommer

      Gus' James Bond gadet was perfect! Politicians could also really use it!

    98. Luna R.

      gus AND michael this is the best

    99. Random doggie

      just allow them to swear and draw dicks.. come on it will make this garbage 2x better and you know it!!!

    100. Filip Pranic

      guses eyebrows clipping trough the hat made me feel uncomfortable

      1. Filip Pranic

        6:19 if you wanna know what im talking about