Saddest Video Game Quotes (YIAY #535)


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    Bring out the tissues - we're recounting the saddest quotes and moments in video game history. Also, it's a blind YIAY so I have virtually no idea what's coming. Whoops!
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    1. jacksfilms

      Yes, the JFF48 Awards Ceremony is still coming! It's been done for a while, just waiting for the sponsor to approve. It's a big one with lots of awards, like Best Parody! Best Song! Best Animation! Best MaxMoeFoe Impression! And so many more!!

      1. Ronald Mcgronald


      2. Quinn Duncan

        @Ayden Jameson definitely, I've been watching on flixzone for since november myself =)

      3. Ayden Jameson

        A trick: watch movies at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

      4. Nyominator


      5. RandomPhail

        This is.. SO much funnier. The genuine reactions just sell it

    2. jeeroylenkins

      Blind YIAY is next level

    3. it's me

      "Before I continue..." *Talks about sponsor until the video is over

    4. MGC Ahhh

      Roses are red violets are blue Gatorade should be thicker and so should you

    5. the guy who is


    6. Not Chico and Pico

      Should just made the yiay 'best fake video game quotes' or something

      1. Fritzy


    7. Urbicide_if

      1:25 We gotta have Jack watch some 3LameProductions

    8. Loren Holmes

      2nd time watching this vid and im crying tears

    9. Liana Wiley

      blind yiay's are my fav lmao

    10. Veronica Mohler

      Whoever did ask is the same person that enjoyed the cat’s trailer and movie

      1. Fritzy


    11. Jesse Steele

      1:47 fucker took my last name

    12. ok lmao

      #YIAYnews This just in, 2 dances created by the popular IRvisionr JacksFilms, the Klop and the Dunk, are being used worldwide to spread awareness of human abuse after JacksFilms himself was found dead after being poisoned by his dogs

    13. TheJStale

      Blind YIAYs, Now we need Blind Jackasks or Blind YGS 😂

      1. Fritzy

        Isn’t the second one over though.

    14. Raji Casas

      Blind yiay should just be regular yiay

    15. BubbleGumGirl

      This just in, my banana oatmeal exploded in the microwave before this video.

    16. Dustin King

      Hey show, nice Jack. I like where you are you going with your conceptual questionnaire, however, I think this could be better if you greenscreened your forehead on your forehead, so we don't miss it

    17. Migitri

      "Thank you." - Arthur Morgan, Red Dead Redemption 2

    18. Red Zorks


    19. aindrigo

      "When the impostor is sus"

    20. Ryan AH

      #YIAYnews Jacksfilms confirmed to NOT to be an alternate channel of Jacksepticeye.

    21. Kylie Rinsley

      I really like the new blind yiays, they're really fun. It's a little more risky since if there's a lot of duds, you won't know until after filming, but seeing what you've got so far is a blast, and I can't wait to see more.

    22. TDC

      Blind yiay, I am disappointed it’s not Bliay

    23. DungeonTTV

      #YAIYnews This just in: Your mom

    24. Creative Name

      #YIAYnews this just in: the emoji movie 2: the squeakuel has just come out!

    25. ED Supay

      Thanks Karl Marx

    26. Kleiner Lobito

      This just in president joe Biden just hit the whip and nae nae in the White House #YIAYnews

    27. Peter Cogan

      #YIAYnews This jus-Ahhhh Hey Louis look where I am Hey Louis

    28. Oce The airpod shotty guy [ATA]

      #YIAYNews This just in: your mum gay, making your dad lesbian

    29. Stacie Wingeier

      #YIAYnews I'll wish for 3 more wishes

    30. JustAnglik

      This just in: Someone called the among us imposter at 3am, you wont guess what happened.

    31. Cora G.

      Wii sports bowling broke me

    32. ohsbruh


    33. ur mom

      2:31 2:32

    34. Why Leonhart

      When u realize CJ once said "I once had a condom stuck to my face"

    35. Atchison Animations

      #YIAYnews This just in: nothing. Literally nothing is in. Its a slow news week.

    36. nathan_ao

      Man I haven't been here in a while

    37. Petr Skopal

      Every blind YiAY feels like bloppers from a very serious show where the announcer is trying as hard as they can not to laugh to a massive tragedy.

    38. lexycjune

      i really like the blind stuff, good shittaki mushrooms

    39. i like cats

      This just in: a man has fallin and can't get up

    40. James Mikesell

      This just in the next video game movie is going to be the cat in the hat (2003) the game the movie #yaiynews

    41. Onion Boi

      This just in: ur mom #YIAYnews

    42. DarthChordZard

      Hey YIAY guy, now that the Snydercut was released, you think the 4 hour cut of Garfield:A Tale of 2 Kitties will see the light of day? #ReleaseTheTimHillCut

    43. Sapphire Sage

      More of this please

    44. TimmyTimeTurtle

      #YIAYnews This just in: Facemasks made obsolete by Fursuits! (Subtext): Will you and your family have to suit up?

    45. Zee

      I'm disappointed he didn't read "I'm red, dead, and ready to redemption" - Micheal Townley

    46. idiot ghost

      This just in, Ben Dover is has murdered 7 people I repeat Ben Dover is has murdered 7 people #YIAYnews

    47. pando

      #YIAYnews This just in, waga waga bobo hee hoo

    48. jão the fox II

      #YIAYnews this just in: An bomb was droped in graveyard, and there's no signal of life

    49. R2D2 fromstartrack

      I for one second forgot that this is yiay and started actually thinking

    50. DylanZNason

      #YIAYnews This just in: Florida Man Kills Thousands After Baby Shower Gone Wrong

    51. Conor Davis

      #YIAYnews This just in: Obama has given us legal rights to torture furries.

    52. Vessel

      This just in: dream #YIAYnews

    53. Turtle Turtle

      Phoenix Wright, you sure are an ace attorney: justice for all

    54. Moon Hedgehog

      #YIAYnews this just in... your mom

    55. grantdotjpg

      #YIAYnews BREAKING NEWS : my pp small

    56. One Dumb Gamer

      #YIAYnews This just in: Bill Gates offering a special third dose of vaccines to whoever marries him next

    57. Banana telekenisis

      #YIAYnews This just in, garfield gets cancelled.

    58. Sam Gow

      This just in: Erin settles for failing youtuber.

    59. シInfiniteGameBr


    60. Giga_Ball2k6

      #YIAYnews this just in... never mind it just left... SUSAN I TOLD YOU TO CLOSE THE DOOR!!!

    61. Robin le Roux

      This just in: Catgirls have just been banned in North Korea

    62. Fez Sauce

      I was expecting Quote from Cave Story to be here

    63. Blueregard Inkwood

      #YIAYnews This just in, furries are now officially recognized by the lgbt community, anti furry discrimination laws are currently being reviewed by civil rights attorneys and state legislature.

    64. Ashlyn Patterson

      My favorite video game quote is when wii fit reminds me that my BMI is 24 and my body is equivalent to a 72 yr old man but I was really a 12ish year old female 😂

    65. waluigi is my god

      This just in im pregnant

    66. the_sethster

      Jack at the start of the sponsor: ''now before we continue'' Jack after the sponsor: now anyway this is the end of the video

    67. Jeoffrey Auscia

      Jack, I @'d you on twitter pls respond UwU *@KalyerosAuscia*

    68. Mr. Bubbles

      This just in, tubby custard has been found an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

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    70. Rick Pierce

      “This just in: Local nobody’s comment appears on internet show” #YIAYnews

    71. Raiyan Ghazi

      I didn't get this in my sub box for some reason

    72. Gauge Cushman

      #YIAYnews This just in: A man named Mario Mario has been identified as the killer of Luigi Mario, Mario Mario had shot his brothers tires on a bridge making his brother reck into the water. The reasoning was Luigi had taken Mario’s magic mushrooms trying to get his brother off of the drug. During questioning Mario had admitted to what he had done to his brother but said that he was on a rainbow road and had sent a red turtle shell at his brother and was noted to have said “the mushrooms make me a feel a bigger”. The way he had admitted to the crime and his slurred speech had been found to be because he was on mushrooms at the time of the questioning. Mario is sentenced to life in prison. While being escorted out of the court Mario had started shouting about a princess and how she won’t be protected from bowser, Mario had been on mushrooms while in the court room, while being questioned about the princess and bowser Mario said “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Mario was but a humble Plummer until his life was changed by drugs.

    73. Daniel Schlief

      So are your discord mods just better at picking the answers or what?

    74. Aidan Keo

      #YIAYnews This just in: bieber, timberlake, herbert, smith probably

    75. morben 895

      #YIAYnews This just in: local mad man jack p Douglass ran out into the streets saying "he's coming and has layers" wile wearing an orange fursuit

    76. João Emanuel

      3:36, we can take a break to appreciate this happy guy drinking water?

    77. Dfault Danc

      This just in: small youtuber “jackfilm” is in critical condition after getting trampled by a group of people in animal costumes at “furrycon 2021” #YIAYnews

      1. Underboy64

        too late

    78. Kevin Cleppe

      Im loving these blind YIAYs

    79. Megan Ayscue

      This just in: let’s just jump into it #YIAYnews

    80. do not order among us happy meal at 3 am

      #YIAYnews this just in: donald trump confirmed dead in argentina after john f. kennedy gets revenge after trump shot him

      1. tnc

        Im from argentina and i can confirm that this happened

    81. Not the real god person

      #YIAYnews this just in crazy youtuber excepts award in fursuit

    82. Alex Does Stuff

      james 3:10 From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so. (Also Jesus is king God is king).

    83. Riley Evans

      #YIAYnews This just in: 2021 rumored to just be a repeat of 2020.

    84. Jogo 14

      This just in: The Birdemic franchise to be adopted by Disney and get a third installment to Disney + called Birdemic: Corvid-19 #YIAYnews

    85. Justice Man

      This just in: reds lookin real sus ngl #YIAYnews

    86. Alfie ORPE

      #YIAYnews This just in, orange cat eat lasagne

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    88. Kyle

      #YIAYnews This Just In: Loser Makes Fans Create His Content For Him

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    90. feex nutbs

      The british are coming

    91. Conrad Osborn

      This just in: A Harvard study has revealed that most sharks do no understand taxes! #yiaynews

    92. Cap-n_price

      #YIAYnews This just in: Everyone who didn't get featured on YIAY is going to riot. I wouldn't scroll past and ignore this comment John.

    93. LaroTayoGaming

      This just in: Nintendo and Sega joined forces to sell Sonic Marrio as an NFT

    94. Soumik V

      #YIAYnews this just in, Sexy Wario is now the official mascot of the United Nations

    95. iEatBees

      I absolutely love blind YIAYs they’re so funny

    96. Kareem Zahabi

      #YIAYnews This just in: Jacksfilms is now a pornstar

    97. Archer arts

      #YIAYnews This just in: Big chungus

    98. Tuvya Maeir

      #YIAYnews THIS JUST IN: Yesterday, I asked you. Therefore this is no longer 'just' in. I lied to you. But I don't care. I still make $160K a week.

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    100. SBD Productions

      #YIAYnews This just in: No