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    The brave players:
    ETHAN irvision.info/tree/2S7CGceq5tsuhcVyACdA3g
    JACKSEPTICEYE irvision.info
    NAKEYJAKEY irvision.info/tree/Sdma21fnJzgmPodhC9SJ3g
    TOMSKA irvision.info
    JON COZART irvision.info
    ERIK irvision.info

    تاریخ انتشار پیش 5 ماه


    1. alžběta l

      I never realised how funny ethan actually is. Also i miss jon cozart

    2. TDashLIVE

      They make Jack look so unfunny

    3. Jens Kristian Moerkved

      Erik is criminally underrated

    4. TheJStale

      Congrats to EEF!

    5. TheJStale

      That black and white spiral for Ethan really brought back some good memories. RIP Unus Annus

    6. GamerGod

      wait hold on why does the spinner only have 8 slices i thought there were ten categories in the expansion pack

    7. Mr. Stuff Doer

      Damn the Unus Annus reference.

    8. MoreCoolJack1 - GWG

      u should make a second yt channel and name it jacksfilm and post 1 video only.

    9. Z01nk

      Jakey gets completely overshadowed by Erik and Ethan

    10. Flapjack Boy

      Imo, Zach Hadel(PsychicPebbles) is the funniest IRvisionr, but I love everyone that was in this.

    11. anx


    12. Nicholas T.

      It's weird to me to see how different Jack is in this, like he looks so awkward, you can tell he genuinely looks up to these people and wants them to like him

    13. CallMeThey

      Ah yes, mediocre white men, the best comedians

    14. theWHOLEgiraffe

      Its erik. The video hasn't started. Erik is the funniest youtuber

      1. turtle 2

        You're correct

    15. CoffeeSandwich


    16. the boiz

      I think captainsauce

    17. Porky

      Nakob jacob

    18. Jwan Besande

      Ahh yes, my favorite Smashing Pumpkins album, Sarah Tonin and the Infinite Happiness

    19. Tirzah Perry

      "your body built like a diamond play button, girl" 😩👌🔥

    20. Send To Me

      more please

    21. The BackYard

      Erik’s straight up rocking that rasputin look...

    22. Sleepy Clover

      We need a sequal to this

    23. ChallengerBoo

      "The only watchable ads on IRvision" *sad Jay Foreman noises*

    24. Wolfman0706

      Nobody gonna talk about how he straight skipped Jacksepticeye in the last round

    25. Noah Unknown

      Why would you make list on a subjective based topic??

    26. Vikrant Singh

      This is the Snyder's cut of YIAY time.

    27. Freak

      Ethan’s world record is the most profitable backflip

    28. BinkBonkJosh

      Nice to see John and Jon acting naturally unlike in YIAYtime.

    29. Charlie Lamphere

      The funniest IRvisionr is Charlie Slimecicle

    30. Logan Skowron

      Where is markiplier

    31. DanMiniScruff

      Can we please keep this series going on instead of YIAY time? This was genuinely one of the most hilarious youtube videos ever filled with great people

    32. Scrillrock

      ^^^ THIS ^^^ MAKE YIAY TIME THIS, IRvision pr team, ya cowards

    33. Václav Kapsa

      Why am i watching this for the 6th time already

    34. Sam McGarvey

      Genuinely one of my favorite videos on the internet

    35. Crathion

      Man, I would mess up NakeyJakeys shirt.

    36. Zagaming Zagaming

      Part two please

    37. peri elianna

      three month ago i didn’t know who ethan was. i’m rewatching this now and i’m having the best time

    38. Justin Montalvo

      Charles white

    39. maddeningly

      The answer is none of them. They're IRvisionrs.

    40. Adam Reed

      Jakey my guy playing with the greats, love it

    41. Dmitry Boardman

      Wait, was Sean's answer not shown in the clickbait one?

    42. Loser Teal

      This needs to be turned into a jackbox game

    43. Savvy714

    44. Cornoffthecobs

      Part 2

    45. Fonchy ?

      I hate that this video has not that many views

    46. elektrik2704

      Erik looks like Jim Root

    47. Ambience

      I got unironically hyped when the black and white spiral showed up for Ethan's intro.

    48. livierose

      I haven't seen tomska in a while, man I used to watch so much eddsworld

    49. Connor Thompson

      "I drew Jimmy Fallon laughing at someone who isn't even saying words" "I drew a calculator with a face that says "80085", which is a cool joke" *_"I drew Master Chief with titties"_*

    50. Kenna Bee

      Please make more of these!!!

    51. Emilia G

      eyyyyy it's a bunch of white guys

    52. Matt Lyons

      Idk why but the singular “jackfilm” kills me

    53. niamh h

      none of them they're all men

      1. lucas smith

        then why are you watching

    54. chaunskiez

      TomSka is just spittin facts

    55. SirLoblolly

      What happened to jacksepticeye's answer to the clickbait question lol we just skipped right past him there

    56. Nicolle

      everyone was very funny and super likeable but tomska's answers tho, what a classy dude

    57. 10DollarWizard

      This is the best concept, competition for a choice of where to donate the prize money is heckin awesome

    58. Dazmundo Smithereens

      the best and probably only good thing jack has done for me was introduce me to internet comment etiquette

    59. Monki

      the only thing i gathered from this is that jacksfilms is the least funny person here

    60. Mac

      I wish they’d do another

    61. Adam Maher


    62. matt quatro

      Roses are red, violets are wild, I want to hit you more than I want to hit a child

    63. Tesseract

      Haha Jacksepticeye is the funniest one. Nice try all!

    64. Tronk

      Why didnt sean answer the last question?

    65. Dante Dammit

      Where's Rich Evans?

    66. Veiny Wombat

      More morozororoeo!

    67. Haydo


    68. Ted Josiah Paragas

      part 2 pls

    69. Muhammad Rizky Aulia

      YIAY TIME looks like a horrible sequel compare to this

    70. Mr Guy

      9:57Just the way jakey says “ so i drew master chief with yittys”

    71. Денис Балыков

      Oh my god, youtuber invented Cards against Humanity, how fresh.

    72. Partner 1

      Erik is insanely funny.

    73. Bee Jackson

      how did jakey not win he literally created the joke everyone used

    74. James Clark

      My meanest insult w/o cursing: Haven’t seen a model of decay since Differential Equations.

    75. Sara Johansson

      Who's the funniest IRvisionr? *a white man, of course*

    76. Joey Alvestad

      I think this would've been better if there was more white men

    77. Pleyland

      Finally Comedy gets what it's always been missing, a competitive element. Ethan only won because he got to read first

      1. This is Me

        Idk man... I thought he was pretty funny

    78. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      This kinda reminds me of the cool IRvision

    79. equmaq

      Tomska duh

    80. Wug

      We all knew ref was gonna win from the start

    81. Ghosthunter Eli

      Shoulda done better w ethans intro

    82. Lecherous Librarian

      I don't know if Jon Cozart is part of Gen Z but he completely understands our humor.

    83. Gunnar Stolhandske

      I have a sneaking feeling that jacks fans intentionally voted for anyone but him

    84. poiuuiopl

      tomska's jokes are the only ones that make sense

    85. The One

      Man, the internet will laugh at anything a straight white guy says, even when he's not that funny. We love to see it ❤

    86. Buniie

      Jon Cozart is alive....

    87. MidnightLightMusic

      Nakey Jakey needs to be in more things

    88. Steven Even Show

      How did Erik not win every round? Must be a conspiracy

    89. Alex Wilson


    90. boris smalov

      I feel like jacob was underrated af

    91. Elina Ossia

      it’s larray.

      1. Woody On A Real

        Shut up

    92. Pixelart205 iMovies

      Elise Ecklund is

    93. The Royal Canada Frog Avenger

      i legitimately started crying aat the intro for ethan. f you jack memento mori

    94. mariosucks101

      8:42 REALLY JACK!? what the fuck man!

    95. Cringe

      The yiay live we deserve

    96. Susan Nathaniel

      Was anyone able to read jacksepticeyes answer in the last in one? It got cut for some reason

      1. Susan Nathaniel

        It says "got pregnant after getting assaulted" weirdchamp

    97. BeanMuchu

      Make this the new YIAYTIME

    98. Ronin

      Maybe this is just me but NakeyJakey absolutely killed it every single round

    99. DeckedOutPistol

      Still waiting for "are you funniest than a IRvisionr" where all the funnier than a yter winners compete in a big are you funnier match