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    The thumbnail is the most important part of the IRvision video process. Fight me if you disagree. In this vid, I alter your boring, unassuming thumbnails in photoshop into bright, colorful, engaging, and clickbaity teaser pics to entice millions of viewers to your content. You're welcome.
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    1. jacksfilms

      The 48 hour JackFilm Festival will begin this Friday at 12pm PST with an announcement video, listing rules & requirements for entries. That gives you/your teams the weekend to put together your videos, putting the deadline to submit at 12pm PST Sunday. A screening will follow

      1. KonlyLOVEShisBeer

        at 1:10 you should have made it so that the game theory logo was on top of pickle rick because then it is a bit harder to see and make it a little larger too

      2. plasmas

        You should do one of my streams

      3. The official spinel Su


      4. JumpGecko

        Thank you, Mr. sFilms.

      5. MonkeyBoy

        First time watching, had to dislike on "loser trump".

    2. Blake

      Jack, it's very bold of you to assume that the small percentage of your fanbase that is 21+ is able to afford and $80+ dollar a month wine subscription and aren't getting cheap boxed wine instead.

    3. yamagachi

      wait he’s good at editing tho

    4. Anmol Singh Rattan

      Why does jack constantly look like hes on the verge of tears

    5. Goku

      Is it just me or does that joker seem more like ronald mcdonald

    6. zOOpygOOpert

      young jack: full of life jack now: sad, heavy rain character, funny

    7. Claire K

      John you’re an alcoholic

    8. Hypyrion

      The Sandler verse guy actually changed the thumbnail, what a legend lmao

    9. frmercury

      fix yours

    10. Nuggo xx

      can i dislike this more than once

      1. Nuggo xx

        i liked and replied to my own comment xx

    11. Rick Taylor

      Jack: shames gryph0n for only grtting 2.7 mil Video gets 500 thousand

      1. Grey Goose

        thats the joke, good job you got it

    12. CuBub


    13. FlawlessPiner


    14. _ReVrtd_

      I swear jack has been at 4.6m subs for YEEEEARS

    15. Tornadic Ace

      Looked up the Sandlerverse after this because it sounded like a fun video and he actually used you thumbnail haha.

    16. Union Jacker

      "That'll be 18 Aetherium" my god, it's a fuck BOCW reference. Good job.

    17. uncultured_swine goofer

      i was recommended "the sandlerverse" and thought "hey that thumbnail should've been fixed" a few minutes before i saw that the version of "the sandlerverse" was the edited-by-jack version lmao

    18. Rusty Mew

      I'll fix your pix I'll fix your pix just give me a minute and a couple a' clicks I'll fix your pix use all my trix I'll fix your pix *Seth Rogan laugh*

    19. SamiDaDerpYT

      7:32 I legit saw this in my recommended earlier

    20. 「Drake's Trash Content」

      A bruh moment

    21. don't worry it's me it is super cold

      0:00 what? Was that?

    22. emma byrne

      5:38 "erin and i can't recommend this enough, it really helped us get through the divorce"

    23. Matthew Ellis

      These legit all look like Smosh thumbnails, really twigged with the “Every Christian school ever” one, only thing missing was Shayne Topp dressed as Jesus

    24. woolywilly

      fix jacks thumbnail

    25. Pixwool

      I kinda wanna watch the veggietales plot holes one just because it’s fucking veggietales

    26. The House of 5

      Instead of wine, try whiskey.

    27. ink

      but like dry wine is the opposite of sweet so that wine company didn't do a very good job then.

    28. ralek

      Imagine watching the celebrities' video and not watching the commoner's videos

    29. ralek

      Putting your sponsor in the middle of the video and making the video just 50 secs over 10 minutes is, quite respectable.

    30. Blu Shark

      Not to get political, but I can't afford food after getting therapy bills from the trauma of holding a flashlight from my dad

    31. Derren Linton

      Who's gonna tell Jack that Tesla's don't have keys, but instead have a keycard?

    32. UltimateDillon

      I'm not sure that wine sponsorship is hitting its target audience here, I cannot afford wine.

    33. VendettaCalls

      It's not even "IRvisionr thumbnails" it's just "JacksFilms thumbnails"

    34. TheAdvertisement

      7:57 It annoys me greatly is that the words "Conservative Christian College" has a black outline yet "A Guide To" doesn't.

    35. Maglev Whale

      That Kung Fu Panda 3 Script one is perfect

    36. Rafael Schridi

      He made a thumbnail for Rubber (2010) God I wish I could forget that movie

    37. Sentries

      “2.7 million?” “Epic fail” **proceeds to get 470k**

    38. Ethan Chan

      ngl the thumbnails he made are pretty good

    39. Bray’s Gaming!

      Shawn the madlad that actually used Jack’s thumbnail

    40. Sky Con

      Side note: Shoocharu's animations are amazing


      Why did you copy PewDiePie's LWIAY

      1. Gman Boucher


      2. Lucasderobot Gaming

        I hope you aren't serious........

      3. Jacqui Jacobs


    42. Brooke Murrah

      jack, back in 2017 you were the reason i went to see the emoji movie in theatres and i blame you for everything

    43. Just another random guy in the comments

      Haven't watched Jack in so long...

    44. Brownie Recordings

      Don’t dead open inside

    45. Bury_me_shallow _ill_be_back

      living for the gametheory slander

    46. usscp

      wait what i thought it was yesterday i told you i just came to this channle3 monthds agdlyrtg

    47. Sam Is Ham

      I can smell the alcohol

    48. samsamsam

      WHY are your videos not in my homepage??

    49. dandoessomethings

      They all changed thier thumbnails

    50. Psych O'Chaos

      a this economy joke, in this economy???

    51. themayoman

      how long are you gonna milk yiay jack

    52. ChestersStuff

      This is gonna be the last good yiay. Yiay time will take away all the edginess from original yiay and everything good about yiay will decay. Damn you susan.

    53. TheSingularity

      God, I forgot how huge your forehead is. It's really not just a meme, it's the horizon.

    54. Amber Barbee

      he should do an episode of yiay we’re he only uses comments from people without pfp

    55. Polivit Studios

      ClickBait tutorial: No clickbait

    56. H1PP1E

      Wow, thanks for answering the question from YIAY 455 in YIAY 532

    57. Tobias Vilain Newman

      later later later later

    58. prod. dvnkvxid

      why i saw you doing crack in my dream

    59. Louis Johnson

      One guy 200,000 voices, with a million more on the way

    60. therealEmpyre

      The third video in my relateds is The Sandlerverse with Jack's new thumbnail!

    61. pump

      Do yaiy what does Owo stand

    62. Jordan Biffle

      I watched a YIAY from 2015 before this, and man…I think our garbage answers broke him.

    63. Jjacob8600

      Try doing popular youtuber's thumbnails..

    64. Jjacob8600

      Lets trend with pewdiepie and....musicians

    65. DaEpik

      3:00 *ok, when this video is like 400k views*

    66. Kaius Vun

      wait... where did the outro go? LEAVE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS BELOOOOW

    67. MClegend221

      why are these actually good i thought this was a joke lol

    68. Dani Cuesta

      Was that a commentiquette reference?

    69. Lil Pip

      the kid in the tesla thumbnail is the same picture in the “most flat-earthers are aged 12-15” fake fact!

    70. Please just shut up

      Stop comparing yourself to the person you think you are

      1. Monke 123

        What do you mean

    71. David Ray

      3:37 - You put in Jackass Joe Biden?? You do know he's literally destroying this country, right? RIGHT?????????

    72. David Ray

      Bet you can't improve MY thumbnails. They're already perfect.

    73. David Ray

      Hey, I like the Ace Family! They're so adorable!!!!

    74. Caiqun Huang

      All I know about this 48 hour film fest is... The winner definitely won’t be any of you at the comment section

    75. Magdalena Brooks

      0:56 Hey Jack! Knife!

    76. xNose

      Jack is literally handing out the best advice for thumbnails I have ever seen and he didn't even break a sweat.

    77. DarthGauntlet

      Some of these are actually quite good

    78. Cameron Malarkey

      The fact that there's already a film about a tire in the desert

    79. Bird

      Wait the thumbnail is the only reason I’m here. I’m only here for @blackgryph0n

    80. Hano Ali

      I'm always so impressed with your photoshop ability 😂

    81. Bennett

      We still want a Jack to the Future apology

    82. RotAiɴɄʍ


    83. E ELEPHANT

      Yiay means Your Intelligent Apple Yogurt

    84. Blue

      HE DID IT

    85. dcoog anml

      You're so great ??

    86. Earl Peter JG

      3:48 meowzers!!

    87. Randomeud

      Why does he remind me of idubbbz

      1. dcoog anml

        Not funny and extremely helpful. Cool video!

    88. MoreEssence

      Ngl that looks good 2:35

    89. Craig Tilly

      Do you want to taste some cheese?

    90. Jack Wilson

      Wow John. Advertising wine to children. For shame.

    91. Zition

      why is jack selling wine to his teen fanbase

    92. NotWearingPants

      I got the Sandlerverse suggested on this video with the updated thumbnail and opened it in a new tab before seeing jack was the one who created the thumbnail, lol

    93. xelzo _

      whitest. sponsor. ever.

    94. eioshen boboi

      I'm so hyped for the 48 hour film festival

    95. Luis Soto


    96. Shaggy has Cancer

      I just love how most of these channels have already changed the thumbnails.

      1. eioshen boboi

        K but the blackgryphon one was like fuckin great

    97. A P

      Joker John Denver fucking kills me holy *shit*

    98. Quinn C-L

      john, you know that 95% of your fanbase is not of drinking age yet, right?

    99. Blunder

      420,629 views. So close

    100. Purrpy

      I love that he, in his video with 420,000 views, makes fun of someone with 2,000,000 views