Wow, you guys didn't like this


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    We hear ya. Give us a few weeks, and we'll give you something you'll love. [slide whistle]

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    1. James Lewis

      Am I the only one who finds it funny that THIS video has more views than any of the Yiaytime vids?

    2. Communist Creeper

      i love the fact this has more views than the original

    3. Salt Infinitum

      yiay time: the snyder cut

    4. Shepard

      We must make this his most viewed video

    5. Miranda Zhang


    6. Angus Noble

      If you're going for "game show" style, you need to start watching some British game shows because if that's american influenced, american game shows need to burn in hell.

    7. jin

      Holy creap lois

    8. Ki_Dogg

      "yiayks" genius.

    9. Johan Jespersen

      It had major "Jack to the future" cringe vibes

    10. Oasis


    11. Ethan Larimore

      I just think it’s funny this got more views than the actual video

    12. Ian O 'Neill

      What the actual fuck Cedric?

    13. Kate Valentine

      Is it just me, or does John sound sour as all hell?

    14. Spidaman Music

      Can’t wait for the YIAYder Cut to come out!

    15. markustegelane

      nobody gonna talk about how that blue border is stolen from Scott the Woz lol

    16. Hatless

      “a few weeks”

      1. Hatless

        @Abigail S. Ik

      2. Abigail S.

        it’s up now

    17. Dilly Mackey

      **slide whistle sounds**

    18. Alvaro Labarca


    19. Julio Morales

      We completely ended this whole series 😂.. he posted like 5 times after this video.. In like 3 months...jesus

    20. BOB JEFF

      Jack it's been 2 months

    21. Gabriel Mac Dougall

      Now THIS is the editing we need

    22. mihai the rat

      I feel bad for the dude He got his own IRvision Orginal Series and everyone hated it so much he had to re-edit it. It's like gotta fix fast all over again

    23. Philerino Swifterino

      uh is this gonna happen orr

    24. Deopeth _

      1:01 "its gonna take a few weeks" 2 months later

      1. Some one

        I mean 8 weeks is a few

    25. Anthony Strangio

      Honestly my solution is to either: Make it family friendly WITHOUT the cringe (possible but it seems to be a lost art) Or Make it so cringe that it overlaps and becomes funny

    26. * Woofle *

      “This is gonna take a few weeks.” *-JohnMovies, two months ago.*

    27. jace j

      Was this canceled?

    28. Uli Schmidt

      as Tom Scott said, “Don’t shoot for the moon and miss” that video was trying to be like an actual game show but you didn’t have the budget of a big game show so it fell into a kind of uncanny valley between fun home made entertainment and full on TV game show

    29. Vixorous

      Still waiting John

    30. ouchjake

      "a few weeks". 2 months later...

    31. Pizza *g͟i͟r͟l͟*

      Jack says:it will only take a few weeks. Almost all of us:where is it John.

    32. Spooks11

      Few weeks, few months...

    33. Grape Man


    34. The Official Paul Blart Mall Cop YouTube Channel

      Completely unrelated, but I think I got the first ad for the south park vaccination special that says "tonight at 8" (This was commented on 00:09, March 10, 2021)

      1. turtle

        ok but why.

    35. Leon Soemartono

      I liked yiay time, I think it would work better as an actual game show in person

    36. Oh Ritz

      It’s been 8 weeks, still no episode

      1. Nikola Milić

        @Joshua Galva yeah true good point

      2. Joshua Galva

        @Nikola Milić Well they have to re-edit all of the episodes while having needed to agree on an aesthetic that works. I personally don't think they could cancel the show if they wanted to. They'd probably have contract trouble with all of the IRvisionrs involved with the show. And if it was cancelled, I feel like Jack would have said so already, as there's no point in making his fans anticipated for something that won't ever actually come out.

      3. Nikola Milić

        yeah it's prob not coming back

    37. OverTalkative

      I thought it was alright...

    38. ThePurpleKnightmare

      Ahahahahaha fucking Cedrik.

    39. MowBizzare

      People be hatin man 🥺 looking forward to the new edited show - so proud of you Jack 😊❤

    40. Kin


    41. Requiem

      0:23 the fact he says “we” is what puts me off this show, I don’t want a team of people editing it, Jack should edit it himself

    42. Jimmy Higginbotham

      Tbh jack I liked it, I'm sorry it go such negative feedback

    43. chaunskiez

      Jack there's no "WE" in YIAY...

    44. Chrisuendo

      its been a month, john

    45. David Winehouse

      Biden is still bombing countries and refuses to raise the minimum wage. Y'all dumb for voting

      1. TripleKyoo

        Wow this is a very on-topic comment!

      2. Laroling


      3. Kermitshalldie

        "We honestly appreciate your feedback in the comments" chief this ain't the place to talk about that

      4. Winnie the Fooh

        Based and redpilled Forty keks tits or gtfo op is gay ylyl cringe edition

      5. David Winehouse

        @Eliza Kroon figured I tell some dumbasses the truth.

    46. Human Garbage

      Cant believe this got more views then the actual show, I’m wheezing.

      1. Winnie the Fooh

        No you're not

    47. Jwkl vs the Universe

      IRvision be looking pretty cringe not funding this man his own full-budget PMS show, his sketches are honestly top-tier and I think would work great for a sketch-comedy series

    48. xxxCrackerJack501xxx

      I genuinely hope his endeavor is successful but I think Jack's style of humor just isn't meant for the kind of format/content IRvision wants to sponsor

    49. Blauze

      I didn't see that coming, I thought YIAY Time was alright

    50. Gusthavo 15 years and

      Cedrik roasted

    51. Benditø

      I get it’s because Jack’s working with IRvision, but him using “we” instead of “I” makes me uncomfortable.

    52. quinn Sugrue

      How long is a few weeks

    53. Tsaster Williams

      Wait he wasn't making a parody of the IRvision Rewind concept?


      "Because at the end of the day, I am really proud of the show" Are you tho?

    55. Tardersauce35

      400k more views

    56. Un Der

      IRvision changed the likes on it lmao

    57. blobbyk

      I actually like the yiay time

    58. Sonic Guy


    59. saiNt complex

      I think he gave up on the project, at least in terms of just re-editing. Which is completely fair! Jaiden didn't even look like she wanted to be there, the jokes were unfunny and completely off-brand and Jack wasn't acting anything like his usual self. No amount of better editing can fix that.

    60. Marvin o.

      Yeah it was honestly terrible and I've been watching since wayyy before yiay

    61. Thermoxin

      Jack it's been almost 2 months

    62. itsghiffari1203

      Dear Jacksfilms, You Lied To Us. You Said "New YGS Episode Every Month" But You Got Postponed And There's No New Videos, Later You Predicted The Future Episode Of YIAY Is All About Microsongs, Make A 2 Suggested Videos, 48 Hours Film Festival, YIAY Live (Are You Funnier Than A IRvisionr?) On Twitch, New Questions On YIAY But Not Used, About YIAY TIME And You Said "New Episode Of YIAY TIME Every Tuesday & Thursday" But There's No New Episode Because Your Fans Hate You Because Of This, No New Episode From JackAsk & Your Fans Say "Please Bring Back JackAsk" And Many More. Well....I'm Done With You & Your Girlfriend/Wife Erin (2toesup) Do Make Us Mad About It. Well... YOU LIED TO US!!!! OKAY?!?! SO PLEASE STOP LYING TO US!!!! AND START REVEALING THE TRUTH WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!! I Warning You To Stop Lying To Us & Start Revealing The Truth What Have You Done. I'm Not Dissapointed, I'm Just Mad About. And I Hopefully, Jacksfilms & Your Girlfriend/Wife Erin Will Read This.

      1. PepiOnLine

        He stopped the series entirely, due to being burned out. Get your filthy ass outta here. If you can't respect his mental health you shouldn't watch his videos.

      2. Gethin Ralph

        I think you've just provided some decent material if you want more YGS

    63. S


    64. the epic

      "Me Me Big Cringe" made me laugh so hard

    65. Exited Aardvark

      Jack your are amazing but the slide whistles are better

    66. TheSpeedCubeLubeRouxCfopTPerm

      This got twice the views the actual video got. .

    67. Adin Tijerina

      "Few weeks"

    68. Mozata

      Instead of slide whistles, you should use Discord notification sounds

    69. Cyan Pines

      Rip cedrik

    70. Jennifer Mills

      I love it how every sound effect is IIEEEeeeewoop

    71. Tiddly Five

      i like that this video has more views than the actual episode

    72. MuszenVODS

      why did this get more views than the actual video?

    73. xfairyberryx2

      I could care less what is done I just didn't like the name of the series.

    74. dysen

      look how they massacred my boy lmaooo

    75. Bruce lee1947

      Somehow this video is more entertaining than the entirety of the pilot episode. I hope the rest of the show will be funnier.

    76. Oddless

      just stop

    77. Riversidechat

      Did we just sonic him? Lmao

    78. Jo Sho

      So uh.... like.... hows that editing going ??

    79. Seamus

      I’m actually pretty mad at what JacksFilms has become. As his channel went on, he just got less and less funny. Example, “holy crap Lois”. He’s just riding with memes now and getting away with honestly pretty cringe.

      1. Undercover Universe

        user checks out

      2. cray jay

        He has been on this platform for more then a decade he is "too old for this shit" but he cant leave cuz he wants that mansion

    80. Jeff Jeffson

      Don’t get me wrong, I love jacksfilms, but I’m worried he’s losing popularity and relevance on IRvision. I feel the reason why is the fact that the majority of the videos he’s made in the last year or two have been comment section or so related. It’s not really Jack anymore, it’s his comment section making the videos. People subscribed for Jack, and unfortunately he hasn’t been doing that much original content (by which I mean videos without any comments or ideas from others) and it feels like they are subscribed to the comment section. Even his IRvision original series is just YIAY. His chance to do something fresh was blown. And people just don’t feel the need to watch his videos anymore. It makes me sad to see. He needs a rebranding or a new gimmick I reckon. I know making original content isn’t easy, but Jack is more than capable of doing it. I’ve noticed his subscriber count is lowering, not getting higher, which is sad to see. Anyway, that’s my rant. Love you Jack

    81. Yean

      mans show had more alive whistles than whipcracks in Johnny Test

    82. Jrockten

      How long does it take to remove some slide whistles?

    83. Rickster

      Rip Cedrik

    84. Jonathan H.

      As much as I hate the word "yikes," yiayks is pretty genius.

    85. Misan

      did u delete the original?

    86. Cormac

      Jacksfilms big forehead

    87. IABI TV

      You guys just don't like it when a IRvisionr edits differently than they usually do their videos when it's for IRvision Originals. So what? Maybe Jacksfilms likes this editing style and wants to make more of it. Y'all just disappointed it doesn't have Jack's usual meme shenanigans

      1. Jrockten

        I mean, yeeah...? And…?

    88. Thezaxx10

      First off , thank you jack for responding and listening to criticism. Not many people do . BUT . I don’t think you can fix this show unless you re-record ALL the footage because everyone seemed like they were fake or didn’t want to be there . Editing out the sound effects won’t fix no humor . Ok love you bye bye

    89. fun dude

      Shut up intern 2

    90. the running man

      Taking criticism like a gentlemen

    91. Shreya Sanjay

      Bro either remove sound effects Or ADD MORE

      1. Jrockten

        I genuinely want to see that.

    92. ORO

      since when was jack releasing no content for a month allowed

    93. William Vouk

      Ok but legit if they tripled the amount of slide whistles that would be one of the funniest damn things I’ve ever seen

    94. JM Stopmotion

      Basically doing what Paramount did with the Sonic Movie. Just another example of people handling criticism correctly.

    95. Szymsta _

      Honestly i clicked on the YIAY Time video, heard one slide whistle and immediately walked away from my PC

    96. otherlego


    97. Madi Dowdy

      Gotta make sure to give this video my daily watch

    98. BeB6c2a

      Jack you alive? Its been more than a month

    99. Uncomfortable Cat

      This has more views than the original video

    100. Bez

      bruh idk what to say