Did we fix YIAY TIME?!


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    Did we fix YIAY TIME? Why yes, I think we did! The first of 3 new episodes begins tomorrow! Bring your slide whistles!
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    1. jacksfilms


      1. Richer than Richie

        I was the 10,000 like.

      2. Koji

        good movie taste. good job, John

      3. Jason Lopez

        Slide whistle!!!!!

      4. Cohen Turner

        @Wells Miles Cool! It took roughly 10 minutes but it worked!

      5. llamas lol

        Ur mom

    2. callmeclubsy

      ok, the portion of the video that you were joking about our complaints was funnier than all of yiay time so far

    3. Bobby Rare

      why do you need an editor, you barely upload as it is, why would you need help with that slow creation? :D

    4. savorix911

      Still waiting for the 48 Awards Ceremony. :(

    5. Cindy Primus


    6. Jaden Yen

      I think its really funny that this has more views than the actual game show episode

    7. Lemon Llama

      It’s gonna be a mobile game right?

    8. GeorgerinoTV

      my name chef

    9. Soy Boy Beta Male Cuck

      When this video gets more views then YIAY time

    10. Hugh Janus


    11. Warvell1

      0:31 I stay subscribbed to Jack because he knows about all these gay little memes and assumes I have any idea what this bizarre normie-nerd hybrid is talking about lol

    12. VanillaTried

      Dude your ears are distracting me cut them off.

    13. Eggs, For breakfast?

      cool really hope this doesn't take over the channel

    14. Rainzel


    15. Evan Swart

      Release the chug jug cut

    16. Amir-Mahummad Steinstien

      Are you making a movie, John?

    17. pafnutiytheartist

      1:06 well, here's your problem. You'll never be as funny as you can when trying to follow some corporate guidelines on what kind of humor is acceptable from your sponsors.

      1. eduardo

        how can i laugh when there's no incest?????????????

    18. Mischa Konovalov

      yes you did :)

    19. RockingSummer

      When the announcement that yiay time is fixed gets more views than the fixed yiay time

    20. magiloops

      But jack, I thought you loved the slide whistle!

    21. Zion K

      Tbh id watch the first one he discribed

    22. Just Some Guy with a Thicc Mustache

      Petition for Jacksfilms to rename themself “chef”

    23. Randy Ross

      yes jack is making a YIAY App i bet

    24. Basco the Crow

      bring back autotune jesus

    25. Riley Baldock

      He's either writing a new book or making a movie, calling the announcement now

    26. Gamma

      i accidentally paused the video at the first frame and left it there for a good 30 seconds thinking it was an elaborate joke

    27. LukeLavablade

      I find it telling that this video has significantly more views than the revamped episode of Yiay Time. It doesn't seem like your changes helped, and I think it does just seem kinda soulless.

    28. Exotic_Manticore

      YIAY: The Movie

    29. Tapirs are under-appreciated

      Liza Koshy: What if I'm nude in the thumbnail, but it's censored? IRvision Originals: YES QUEEN! LOVE IT!! ON EVERY RECOMMENDED BECAUSE WE LOVE OUR "ORIGINALS" CREATORS! Jouglass Dack's Movies: My fan's usual jokes are a biiit edgy, and- IRvision Originals: *If you mention EVEN ONE furry, foot, or failed father, this ends. Immediately.* No, but seriously, I loved the new ep. HUGE improvement!

    30. Hustonhasafuckingproblem

      More like geo

    31. GippyHappy

      Can you do YIAY time but it’s ONLY the slide whistle?

    32. Judeツ

      get a better mic for it tho you buffoon

    33. Doggle Boggle

      This video got more views than the actual Yiaytime lmao

    34. Bllue

      calling it now it's a movie

    35. Jacob Cabrera

      When your new show gets hated on and forces you to change everything

    36. R Petroeljelly

      April Fools

    37. JustForComments

      I bet the feet and incest jokes would've transformed the whole series #ReleaseTheDouglassCut

    38. Name Name


    39. Diviy Idnani

      I believe he's gonna finally own up to his name and make a goddamn film

      1. Diviy Idnani

        @RandomPigYT no, it's just a long sketch

      2. RandomPigYT

        He already did. YGS 100.

    40. Loyael

      I miss the Jacksfilm that would say fu to his audience and put more side whistle I guess he's old now :'(

    41. Alfie Swindell

      I definitely prefer normal Yiay, Yiay time just feels too scripted and lacking compared to just normal Yiay

    42. Dawk

      Release the slide whistle cut of yiay time!

    43. Fatal Burnz

      Please title it "The Douglass Cut"

    44. TrashDragon


    45. Luuk jonas Schols

      You did it well

    46. just watching

      You are joining the beauty community and come out with your own eye shadow?

    47. Ian skellitory

      Okay I don't mind chug jug but I never minded the series to begin with. It was a well-crafted series that was clearly well-built and had a lot of effort put into it. It was just a little cheesy.

    48. TJ436

      IRvision in a nutshell

    49. TheBossManBoss319

      Most. You fixed most of it.

    50. Garlic Eater

      yes you did

    51. Hannibal


    52. asffood

      Please dont remove the slide whistle

    53. Itsgreenandblue

      still got the blue boarder, ew.

    54. The Amazing Lord Skermit

      Is he making a film, a Jack film

    55. LJaH

      You left out feet and incest jokes? Is the entire series about your forehead, or is the light bulb joke back?

    56. The Official Obama Youtube channel

      but john i loved the slide whistle

    57. Have you Seen Chef?

      Have you seen chef?

    58. Mandy Losito

      is it going to be another damn make up palette

    59. Davone Huggins

      You did a great job yo

    60. Sloth InPocket

      0/10 not enough slide whistle sound effects

    61. Zulqarnain Aidil

      Wait.... so there's no chug jug?

    62. SamplingTheText

      *how many people saw the video “hurry up”*

    63. 30 cats in a cardigan

      jack bring back the slide whistle /srs

    64. MelikaJ93

      I'm so hyped for the Jacksfilms theme park!

    65. Neil Dodd

      Can someone explain "chef" to me?

    66. Jatin Dhawan

      Release the #Chugjugcut

    67. Sam


    68. OOSHKIE


    69. Isabella Earnhardt


    70. gibus theinfamous

      Shawn is going places.

    71. pando

      Where are the awoogas

    72. pearl the starkid

      i miss the slide whistle 😔

    73. elPIERO

      Can’t wait for the Douglas cut of the movie, we finally get to see the real villain: Chef

    74. jengl

      Ok but Chef does need a sequel

    75. Alice Turner

      Love that Jack is repping the colours of the Trans flag on Trans Day of Visibility!! Lol :P

    76. flowers

      aw man, just as i got chug jug out of my head and out of my feed, here it is again,,,,,

    77. Turg

      Chef should have won. Just gonna leave this here

    78. Alvaro Labarca


    79. Half volle yoghurt

      I think Jacks secret project is the fact that he becomes a father in 2021. He even wants to document the making of it. Jacks really cares about his fans.

    80. SimpleSack

      Wait... Weren’t you going to release a re-edited version of the first episode?

    81. George Bad

      Why is “chef” funny never saw the movie

    82. Maysun Kay

      my name chef

    83. Extra Toast

      just please get rid of the poop emojis next time...

    84. crushbeast29

      I don't think it can be fixed.

    85. Aiden Plunkett

      What about chug jug with you

    86. Feel It

      I don't understand why Commentiquette isnt a bigger channel, Eric's a genius

    87. Jose Manuel

      release the slider cut

    88. boomspdool

      Dude I wanted a shitty slide whistle cover of the tic tok version of chug jug. 0/10

    89. TheMagic1

      Yes, you did.

    90. Odo the Doll


    91. Kairice

      We didnt want the slide whistles gone we wanted way more of them

    92. roman marquez

      Me: Checking the newest vid to see chug jug with you throughout the episode. Sad it isn't in there

    93. 親指

      who doesn't *LOVE* slide whistle!?

    94. One Crogs

      Yeah mostly

    95. Not Original Name

      POV: this joke is overused

    96. SaffronMage

      Yes, you fixed it :D

    97. Kristiyan Simov

      At least your editor's name is spelled correctly.

    98. Jarth House

      No, ya didn't

    99. Dan Esp

      _We have replaced the slide whistle with a vuvuzela._

    100. Aiswarya Lakshmi

      Can u make me a thumbnail 😔