2011 YouTube vs. 2021 YouTube


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    1. lol

      People in 2021: why is everyone laughing at this terrrible meme called 'amogus'? it's so unfunny. Back in MY day there was better memes. Also people in 2011: HAHA FLYING CAT FUNNY LE EPIC LOL BACON!!!!11!!1111!!!!!!11!1!!11!!!!

    2. Jacob Mello

      I didn’t even notice what the computer said in 2021 the first time I watched this

    3. Elegant

      Please DONT take the vaccine!! It is DANGEROUS!! 50 people died from the vaccine in Norway. Jesus LOVES you. He says "Come, My child. Let us walk together. I got you."😇🤗

    4. CitizenFoffie

      Trueee billionaires are bad

    5. Lego Master 850

      Remember when everyone said “le” before every word M e m o r i e s

    6. Daan

      What's up with the sophisticated pronunciation of 'cards'?

    7. Buffalo Buffalo

      the protein shake video but every "protein" is replaced with "bacon" from this video

    8. inasvids

      This is a refrence to the last jackask 😢

    9. Useless Reptile

      "The billionaires are bad" was the icing on this already tasty cake

    10. Nusrat Jahan

      The dislikes are from billionaires

      1. lol


    11. Todd the God Howard

      Back when I would watch thecreaturehub and ssohpkc, i miss those days

    12. M a a d

      2011: 6. the dollar 2021: 6. the dollar

    13. TheAdvertisement

      The difference is that people used to just upload whatever they wanted, but now IRvision is forcing them to suck up to the algorithm. :(

    14. QueenLilly666 OwO

      Fuck I feel called out

      1. linklingTM

        why is your username that. WHY

    15. chad dahc

      2011: "Yo this Pewdiepie guy is pretty funny, sure hope he does more amnesia" 2021: "Heh meme review, floor gang for life, me no small pp."

      1. lol

        2021: *_a m o g u s d r i p_*

    16. MrConfused


    17. gaming all day

      D0 N0T LiKE

    18. Vsauce5

      his beard is finally shaved, thank god

    19. haythem dkhili

      0:10 maxmoefoe?

    20. BooBoo

      lol NFTs

    21. PinkiiSakura

      0:14, please tell me the computers okay.

    22. FirstTime ISawJupiter

      The dog is like "Go! Run before he rips the package!"

    23. Courtney Quinn

      Based 2021

    24. Knocker

      Poor laptop

    25. Alphy

      give 2011 credit. now every video is like TALKING TO KOBE AT 3 AM

    26. Jason Ash


    27. Dog

      Why did you upload a Hassan video?

    28. Rex Entertainment

      Yeah pretty much

    29. Tyler Wise

      Is this a cry for help

    30. Goose

      Jack shaved his beard just for this joke

    31. Kade Has bread diabetes

      can someone explain to me why he pronounced "cards" like that

    32. Homegrown Hangout

      Hell yeah billionaires ARE bad let’s eat em jack

    33. Frigget the Froge

      Please become ha-ha funny again I'm bored

    34. RiotShield

      IRvisionrs will be political 5 seconds out of the year then return to Minecraft

    35. Something

      The amount of verified comments here surpassed the total of my successes

    36. umbrali

      is your computer okay

    37. GodKingGiant47

      But billionaires are bad

    38. Grandma

      Jack looks like Thomas tuchel

    39. livierose

      Finding out the "le epic bacon" trend was manufactured by the pork industry was the worst day of my life

    40. Thatonekid

      It takes quite a high iq to understand this kind of humor. Luckily, since I have an iq of 169 (even though I’m only 11 1/2) I can deduct from this that jack thinks that youtubers may seem to possibly have devolved since the ‘good old days’ and that things were better before the platform got taken over by rich people and media corporations. Even though I’m only 10, I actually agree with this and I know a lot of people will think I’m weird for that but my iq is so high that I actually had to sacrifice my eyes for it, and so I can’t see the haters. Anyway fortnite bad I’d rather read boozokcjdbcbbwnwnvi

    41. Ohm Charan

      2011 youtube: troll face 2021 youtube: amogus

    42. janker 413

      i miss when you made fortnite funnies

    43. bilishu aliss

      old youtube really was the motherfucking wild west and we didn't even know it at the time.

    44. James Snyder

      Eat The Rich 😋

    45. Carmina Salazar


      1. bilishu aliss

        Jack suddenly got younger

    46. Williamg209

      Tbh I wanted a 10 min version of this with various references

    47. Lil'Ro R.K.

      Glad you got cancelled

    48. Sam R eye


    49. Ella Pyhältö

      The amount of checkmark people holy jesus

    50. Carl Blix

      Because Jack ages like a plastic bottle, at first I thought he had prepared something in 2011 that he would work into a video.

    51. LJ8

      we live in a society

    52. memes Universal

      2021 in a nutshell of youtube

    53. KiNG 12

      The moment of silence for those who didnt seen screen of that laptop

    54. Oddless

      from the same guy that has a IRvision original series

    55. Lena W.

      If that can of pop was not empty you most certainly deserve the mess it made

    56. ShockwaveFPS Studios

      That is a nice in a nutshell video good job. Man this is why I prefer 2011 over 2021, i can’t believe I’m preferring 2011 when I haven’t spend the entire year of 2021 yet.😥

    57. Ghost

      I thought spindrift was just a local thing lol

    58. Hsn Firas


    59. Breadman0123

      stop shading maxmoefoepokemon like dat

    60. 최윤영

      Jack suddenly got younger

    61. Alaura Alexander

      Jack's humour has evolved and reformed so much over the years that I'm not sure if that "billionaires are bad" part was making fun of people who say that, making fun of people who make fun of people who say that, or is bait for the comment section but either way I need to lie down

      1. This is a terrible argument, but

        Pretty sure it’s the first one, Jack hearted a comment saying that it was making fun of people who say that

      2. ggs 27

        I have no idea. I'm replying so I know when someone says it

    62. Rose Juliette

      TBF billionaires are bad.

    63. Ashley Demko

      FINALLY based jack

    64. Tuney

      Yes john, yes they are

    65. Splatkid


    66. Alex Sanchez

      Now I wanna binge epic meal time

    67. Dark Prism

      whats the billionaires are bad part about

      1. ggs 27

        Well they're bad

    68. noelle finch

      “Whatever NFT is”

    69. A Free Potato Chip

      billionaires ARE bad, c'mon jack

    70. Professor Quack

      I miss 2011 now. Thanks.

    71. Flyingpenguin 2.0

      I thought Jack shaved his beard for this video lol.

    72. Ayaanosauras Rex

      Why does his accent change when he says pokemon cards

    73. Erfaniom

      not gonna lie i would watch 10 hours of maxmoefoe open 1 million dollars worth of pokemon cards

    74. Finn Baartse

      What is this actually saying I can't tell

      1. lol

        Basically: New=bad Old=good

    75. Jonty Levine

      Can we talk about how Jack hasn't aged a day between 2011 and 2021?

    76. Travis Berry

      who else misses yiay?

      1. lol

        There's gonna be another yiay

    77. Sara

      Love ya

    78. AJ

      Nobody’s talking about how excited the dog is

    79. Terra Phoenix

      They made another wtf blanket it's called a snuggy

    80. Vox

      The main difference is hes one foot in the grave now ;)

    81. Ashtro 8omb

      Ik you always have a no seriousness in your videos but I just wanted to say that your videos are really funny and have helped me through tough times............ ............sike

    82. lemon854

      the fact that I stopped watching you a month ago (on another account) and youhaven't posted a yiay since then is sad but hilarious

    83. { Skid }


      1. { Skid }

        This is a joke, don't call me out for likebait, because I don't expect likes, I just want people to laugh.

    84. Matt MadMan

      What a brave stance John.

    85. some random commenter

      Fix the cats movies for the movies that it is

    86. Awsome Productions

      This is so relatable but I just go with classic youtube

    87. Jurkblot

      PMS every monday

    88. A_person

      2011 IRvision: haha *memez* 2021 youtube: *”OH GOD WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE”* *”Cool, can death hurry up yet?”*

    89. Seab


    90. bLUE mAN


    91. muttakin gamer boy

      where yiay?

    92. ScienceDrummer

      2011 John didn't make dumbass political takes claiming that people were domestic terrorists, only because he disagreed with their ideology, and not when his side does it for the past 7 months. Stop supporting domestic terrorists, John.

    93. ARV


    94. The BarbaBlobs Are Back! Come On in and Join!

      Make a St. Patrick's Day Website

    95. BAMBAH


    96. Random Ass Pirate

      Eat the rich with RAID: Shadow LEgends and these Raycon earbuds

    97. Random Ass Pirate

      You forgot the aggressive marketing aimed at kids featuring weirdly sexual content And the SWAT raids

    98. Jose Manuel

      Please do more vids like this

      1. E

        he has others yk this is one of my favorites irvision.info/home/oHnNZ4h8irZ9eJM/fy-lm-h-y.html

    99. Gray X.

      Now that's a true bruh moment from 10 years away.

    100. Dominick Doggo

      Ok then