The internet ruined me


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    Memes are making us dumber

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    1. Ozzysyn

      "Amogis" - John Films (Jacksepticeye)

    2. Happy Egg


    3. Slava Thereshin

      What is your favorite minute of the video?

    4. Guardian Hyren

      I hate how funny this is, rewatched it 15 times and it still gets me

    5. Simon


    6. RyuZxA

      I can't believe me Johnathanvideo say amogus

    7. Sonic THD

      Im gonna say it again: I thought Jack was the guy on the SUS meme and not Jerma

    8. comment man

      Wait this isn't wilbur soot

    9. lity fity

      bruhruhr bruh


      Life In Colour Attenborough is gonna kill you! (I have watched it and I thought the exact same)

    11. Glasses&Mouthplates

      No, John. I don't think that's a mongoose.

    12. Lucus Films

      Jack, why?

    13. Tot3mm


    14. João Pedro

      JOIN TIKTOK JOHN this is 100% a video that would do great there

    15. RedWolf


    16. Kamil Henri

      David Amogusburough


      My mind:

    18. KamoGaming [ かも]

      for fucks sake. god fucking dammit. for the love of God. what in the fuck. FUCK! STOP! NO MORE! AMOGUS

    19. Pinguino del Rio

      When the bird is sus 😳

    20. Ghasty 0213

      Am I the only one who thought I clicked a wilbursoot video

    21. ElXav

      Among us? More like Blue waffle

      1. ElXav

        @gnik nus sadly

      2. gnik nus

        Nobody falls for that anymore, elxav.

    22. LoveMusicReplay


    23. Andriano

      Wait, I didn’t see that video, nor in my subscriptions, nor in just browsing Jack’s channel, wtf IRvision

    24. Finchspielberg

      Ew vertical video

    25. The Thinking Dumb man VR

      Doc name?

    26. ChridsBop

      I thought it was gonna be a WilburSoot reference tbh 😂

    27. David Carlstedt Ringius

      Modern art

    28. Zach Knight

      Thank you Jack

    29. Akiwo

      somehow i knew what this was about before even watching the video

    30. Michael Ramirez

      ah yes this is my favorite TikTok!

    31. clipmeister

      Wilbur Soot fans, you saw the title of this video. Continue the song in this chain

      1. clipmeister

        I don't know what is wrong with me,

    32. Scy

      in deze les is pocus

    33. GamerGod

      i like how its the same voice as the stan lee video

    34. grimla

      "hatsune miku internet ruined me" resulted in finding this. i dont know how its exactly related to miku but okay

    35. Drew Varner

      If vine was alive in 2021

    36. Eclipsings

      as soon as I clicked on this video I knew where it was going *a m o g u s*

    37. colloquia

      the title made me think of wilbur soot for a second, jack care to explain

    38. Digitab


    39. philipstar1234567

      Ok but what’s up with their teeth?

    40. Oce The airpod shotty guy [ATA]


    41. Annelise Williams


    42. Stefan Andrejevic

      Bro I literally don't use the words "among" and "impostor" in normal sentences anymore just because of this

    43. Harvey O'Sullivan

      0.25 playback speed makes this even better

    44. glut glut


    45. Abstract Friends

      kinda sus UwU

    46. nobody

      step 1: play it at 2x speed. step 2: do it. step 3: like the video

    47. nobody

      you came to see how the internet ruined him...and you saw. why the 360 people who took the muscle to dislike it

    48. wlAh3k . fp

      Let's cancel the memes

    49. Cold War Is Awesome ok

      This is the exact video I needed. To show that these people are just annoying.

    50. Magos Biologis Silicus

      Sending this to many friends now

    51. Ariel


    52. Dhaivik Adventures

      I thought of the song by Wilbur doot

    53. BrandonsStuff


    54. Anxley

      Bruh this made me laugh

    55. Ysabelle Capili

      The internet ruined *everyone,* Jack. You're not special.

    56. Christian Economu

      Yessss shorts from jack

    57. NoGra

      Impostor -Probably David Attenborough

    58. Fauzan Aziz

      POV: you're at the portland show

    59. binx's the human

      Among us Wilbur soot funny emoji man make good video yum yun

    60. Claudia Sanchez

      ok but y tf do their mouths look like that ☹️ ew

    61. Chicken Joe

      Ahhh an avid Wilbur Soot watcher I see

    62. MjTwdgbowsnb

      Jack is still losing subscribers :(

    63. David Putra

      Did you know that Africa spelled backwards is acirfA which means absolutely nothing.

    64. Winter Wolf

      When Jack is SUS 😳😳😳😳😳

    65. Josh Young

      Didn’t even know this was jacksfilms until I saw him.

    66. Абдуллоعبدالله

      When the sus is imposter ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯.

    67. Jack Smith

      hey lois remember that time when I was sus?

    68. migsy1

      What documentary is that?

    69. Weirdo 473

      It sounds like he's saying "Imogers"

    70. kayla

      Oh, how I hate you Mr Filmz

    71. justkewl0_0

      why is the CC Dutch

    72. Shamire Delice

      No no no, he should be; AMOUGS US

    73. Dogwater

      * Ptttt * AMOGUS!

    74. Not a Troll

      Hog Fire Feces

    75. Squam Ham that an amogus?

    76. Jatin Patel

      Am I the only one who noticed the yoga mat under his tv

    77. Lord Elmo

      It’s sad to see jack’s channel like this, a few months ago he had 4.69 million subs but now has 4.66. I know it’s still a large amount of subs but the last video of his to hit 1 million views was the last episode of jackask. I hate seeing that people are losing interest in this channel because I do believe that jack is one of the best IRvisionrs out there

    78. Dremkein

      He spit water. That's sus

    79. smokideity

      my keyboard's like my heart it shines in rgb and its full of blood

    80. smokideity

      is this a wilbur soot reference

    81. detainted

      This video is truly something else. The usage of such an insane coincidence in a classic David Attenborough documentary, something serious and un meme-able, referencing the 2018 game with a rise to popularity throughout youtube and twitch in 2020, Among Us, is just perfect. Taking the beauty of nature to make a short video about how the oversaturation of something good turns it into an ironic, painful inside joke is true perfection. The split seconds of the camera jolting from the television and to Johnathan "jacksfilms" Forehead Dugass with an amazing spit take, and the mumbled words "amoGus!" brings a smile to my face, and the water spilling out during the last few frames is a finishing touch we all needed. Thank you Johnathan "jacksepticeye" Forehead Dugass, you have left such a positive influence on me.

    82. onion lady

      i feel like you could comment “pee pee poo poo” and youd either get 7k likes or 3 on this video

    83. Blu Lennox

      The Internet has ruined me.... We used to sleep on call together!

      1. Jayden Redmond

        Finally someone who also knows

    84. fullemo

      🚨Among US🚨 ඞ ඞ ඞ🚨Among US🚨

    85. Sam Hazen

      John Patrick 'jack films Douglass' Douglass

    86. Yung Tablestain

      why is jack losing subs im so confused he was at 4.72

    87. MoonFusion

      Are we in the new generation of Vine?

    88. Andrew Gosnell

      Please turn this into a Tik Tok I can download

    89. Wave9Nut

      Somebody find the clip where he said he would give Among Us 1 month to survive as a meme. 7 months ago.

    90. GryynGlo

      I’ve watched this 8 times already. It’s so bad

    91. Hugh Ganis


    92. Pranas

      dont be the new Wilbur Soot

    93. PrestonT2007 Vlogs


    94. BeaniePudge


      1. BeaniePudge

        @Magellanic NO WHAT ARE THE HOLES

      2. Magellanic

        they are open

    95. TheMrL01

      I swear that sounds like Mike Pollock with a British accent.

    96. Maria Howlett

      0:05 amogus

    97. Erin Mullen

      Alright, this actually made me laugh out loud. It's incredible how much comedy can be fit in such a short video. Keep up the good work!

    98. EvccRtt

      Wise man in disco

    99. Pee Bag


    100. Evan Scheu

      A M O G U S