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    Get your markers ready! Our players are ready to compete with their best self portrait and new emoji creations. The virtual audience is tasked with voting for the best and worst ones. Watch the all-star cast featuring AsapSCIENCE, Jaiden Animations, and Tim Chantarangsu.

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    1. Tristan V

      Honestly only thing I would change is more slide whistles. I think I speak for everyone here

    2. Tireins

      I love how Jack took the criticism of this episode. A real man right there-and a mature adult.

    3. Pepe Laugh


    4. angelcar


    5. Evan L. Rodriguez

      Jaiden being a rebel is the only redeeming part of this video.

    6. Evan L. Rodriguez

      Yeah, this sucked.

    7. silvertonguer

      It seems like jack is not in complete control of this show and it feels like what happens when executives mess with it.

    8. Willy

      petition for this to be remade for actual viewing

    9. Tommy Young

      Jaden also lost on DISCONNECTED would love to see her win something next time around!

    10. yeatruestory

      Oh so this is why the channel is dying or maybe a symptom...

    11. Superboologan1

      I like all of Jaiden's, as they conveyed the level of distress and depression I felt while watching this

    12. Raimundo A. Ortúzar

      9/10 Needs more slides whistles

    13. Sir Steven Harvey III


    14. Funny Stuffts

      We were so wrong this is genius and we were fools not to see it

    15. Joker Lupin

      We lost jackask for this

    16. Ice cold blue Sonic

      The slide whistles just makes me CRIIINGEEEE

    17. Paren

      whats the point of yiay time when quiplash exists

    18. SwaggarJacob

      Slide whistle

    19. Pelican74

      This show still sucks

    20. LRGonzales

      I'm honestly surprised that the professional image drawer was the first to get eliminated

    21. Glubbs528

      Jack to the Future got a sequel

    22. Lindsey

      You know when there’s a really popular Broadway shows that everyone loves, and a director for like a high school theatre program or whatever takes it and changes a bunch of things and removes a ton of stuff in an attempt to make it g-rated and now it’s just an unrecognizable borderline unwatchable version of what it once was.............................................?

    23. Lindsey

      If I could only give one piece of feedback... DO NOT DO IT LIVE

    24. Babywipes

      this has aged well. i like this more now.

    25. Undisclosed Location

      I thought this was bad but I thought it was way worse once I saw the poop emoji loser screen. Help.

    26. Salutations YT!

      I’m here from the future, where the problems this show had have been fixed, but now we feel nostalgic for what could have been. Release the slide whistle cut!

    27. NateIGuess


    28. Caiqun Huang

      5:26 I vote for Jaiden.

    29. Hustonhasafuckingproblem

      Me me big cringe

    30. PeachyTime!



      His most disliked vid

    32. Sonny Walton

      Jackbox irl...

    33. AskiiNardo


      1. dang


    34. Wafururu

      You know it's IRvision sponsored when you hear a lot of SFX put in it

    35. Matthew Gaddis

      I don’t get what’s wrong with this?

      1. Kousa

        I watched it when it first came out, and I'm watching it again now. I think that they got rid of most of the annoying sound effects and graphics. It is actually a good show now, it's just a big departure from his usual content. Some people who like his usual content feel a bit disappointed still, but it's very subjective. I like it now although some don't.

    36. Thomas Thomson

      This is cring

    37. archimedies

      not allowed

      1. novodog

        ok medic

    38. The Alleged Art Student

      Can't even see the dislikes that led to the re-edit anymore 😕

      1. b3z3jm3nny

        14k of them

    39. professor penguin

      When U Drink 🥤🥤🥤 Too Much 😣😣😣 Apple 🍎🍎🍎 Juice 🤮🤮🤮 XD 🤣🤣🤣

    40. blahooper

      This episode is great what was the big issue???

      1. foderu1

        I think this episode was reedited. It was different.

      2. Thomas Thomson

        He made yiay for kids

      3. MrM

        Jack isn't used to this type of content

    41. X X

      Who is back after the new episode came out?

    42. homie the third

      we are getting seriously depressed vibes from jaiden animations

    43. danielxplay 22

      YIAY: Adult swim YIAY time: Nickelodeon

    44. Eugenefindit

      Don't mind me. I'm just here to see what's all this *slide whistles* everyone's been demanding in Episode 2. 😁

    45. Juliana M

      More boings

    46. Lijah Sanchito

      honestly when your high it’s pretty good

      1. Anthony Huang


    47. Caleb Campion

      I’m back here after the new re-edited episode, and let me tell you, I can’t believe how much better the new edit is!

    48. Ryan McSharry

      S L I D E W H I S T L E

    49. Nándor Virág


    50. Animaniac 101

      Hey, you. He fixed it.

    51. Joshua

      This is basically the Josstice League version of YIAY time

    52. Vipster 8


    53. Carsick

      Three dogs, weak I have five

    54. Natalie

      You have to come back here after the new one to appreciate just how much the vibe changed with NO reshooting! Considering that, it's so impressive what jack and the editors have done! Congrats on never making anything like this again🥳

    55. Jose

      I miss the slide whistle

    56. Adam J

      Never thought I’d see him post ACTUAL cringe, but here we are.

      1. TheCrockPotMaster

        @Natalie good take on the vid, I see it in a whole new light now.

      2. Natalie

        @TheCrockPotMaster I won't stand for jack to the future slander in this house! I choose to view it as a really good parody so clever, he got them to pay for the joke, and then it's fantastic! I'm just proud of him for taking their money, and giving us anything, even ironic cringe disguised as an ad! For real tho lol I know it's not awesome but I don't consider it the hot garbage everyone else seems to

      3. TheCrockPotMaster

        Have you ever seen jack to the future?

    57. Carleto Games

      Ok, I'll go back to my Zoom class.

    58. That Pyrope

      They kicked jaiden out halfway through and she's the only one I was interested in watching

    59. runforitman

      Please release yiaytime not bad edition thamks

    60. noru games

      I kinda liked it doe I missed my childhood

    61. Airqx


    62. Dylan

      this is so hard to watch

    63. ARV

      they finally fixed this thing

    64. no1doomerhorse


    65. Delusional-Shadow

      Watching this before the grand reveal I miss the slide whistles already

    66. Zagaming Zagaming

      I would create a “yaaaaaaaaas” emoji Yasssssss✋🏻🙄

      1. Airqx

        @Mo :O yasssssss 🔫😎

      2. Mo :O

        @Airqx pls stop

      3. Airqx

        Yasssssss 😂🔫

      4. Mo :O

        pls no

    67. Introsense

      I've had class presentations less awkward than this

    68. Introsense

      Not enough poop emojis

    69. Elliot Molkentin

      shut up its good

    70. An Otamatone

      Slide whistle? ✅ Terrible transitions? ✅ Cringe intro? ✅ Stupid distracting Blue border? ✅

    71. Some one

      Watching it through, I actually really like the concept, but the editing feels too over the top, which just isn't jacks style. I'm glad he took the criticism well and re edited it to make it closer to his style

    72. flokus

      this is like johnny test but with whistles

      1. CajDoesStuff

        Except the sisters aren’t here

    73. Justin Robertson

      thank you jack for asking what emoji i would make, i would make the 💩 funny poop emoji but on an ice cream cone

    74. Freddy Romo

      Jaden is the only being honest.

    75. Alvaro Labarca


      1. CajDoesStuff


    76. team 6 Pro

      More side whistle

    77. RednonFelix

      This hurt on a physical level

    78. Acaicia Hogan

      Sound effects: *exist* jack: I'll take your entire stock

    79. Sam Misery


    80. Tricky2711


    81. Clyde Condos

      Jack to the future 2

    82. Deepixel

      *slide whistle.*

    83. amir movsho מוב

      youtube turned one of the most creative people on their site into an ai programmed children tv show host

    84. Minpalla shill

      You know what, now I want excessive slide whistles, like play that sound effect every second or so

      1. CajDoesStuff

        And chug jug with me in the background but only the word southbound plays on repeat

    85. nunber x muthergood

      I just came here to give you a dislike lol byeeee

    86. Akira Velicka


    87. Fedora Man

      As somebody else said, Yiayks.

    88. That868guy

      me me big cringe

    89. Jimmy Saldana

      This is yiay in an alternate timeline and it's scary

    90. Kaden P

      Yaiyks (cover)

    91. Sammy Pauling

      It was fine y’all are just mean

      1. SStheGamer148

        no, the criticism was for the best.

    92. Philerino Swifterino

      In before everyone comes back to compare with the new one

      1. bert bert


    93. TheEnchantedElf

      bruh jaiden looks dead I feel bad lmao

    94. Ur Mom

      I love this considering that its cringe

    95. Gabriel Mac Dougall

      There is no need to edit any jacksfilms video this fancy

    96. Jackattack 333

      What’s worse Jack to the Future or this

    97. Madeline Koh

      remember when jack made fun of terrible use of emojis

      1. the real food review


    98. Jack dey

      if you look at the states and the fact that he is doing a lot of sponsors may suggest that jahns time as a youtube is running out.

    99. Jack dey

      did they cancell this show.

      1. TheSchokodragon

        watch the very next video. After the strong negative and critical response, Jack said he'd take the footage he already shot and re-edit it into something more comfortable, which took a while. The next episode, in a new format, should come out next week!

    100. Lauren Bunke

      Needs more slide whistle